Travis Tritt Gives His Thoughts on ‘Attempted Voter Suppression’ in 2020 Election

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt continues to shares his feeling about the 2020 Presidential Election. A clear Trump supporter, Tritt’s taking to Twitter to tell his thoughts on the voting outcome.

In this tweet, that’s gaining attention from both supporters and opposers, Tritt tells his followers that he believes the election results were not a simple misinterpretation.

Tritt writes, “Just a reminder that Real Clear Politics polling showed that Biden was leading by 7.2% in the polls prior to the election. This doesn’t appear to be an honest polling mistake. This was a polling failure that amounted to attempted voter suppression against Trump supporters.”

Just a few days ago, Tritt was saying that the only thing that matters is the Constitution.

Travis Tritt Gets into Twitter War

Travis Tritt clearly isn’t holding back. He’s engaging Twitter users in the comments about his voter suppression Tweet.

One user calls out the vote tallies, “He lost by over 3 mil c’mon man this sh-t is over, 71mil voted for him the highest vote ever but Biden got 74mil almost impossible to cheat that many. Y’all gonna be alright”

Tritt fires back with this, even asking the user if he’s high on drugs, “You are gonna tell me that a guy who couldn’t get more than 30 people to his rallies got more Democrat votes than Obama. Are you high?”

This follower seems to agree with Tritt by saying, “Real Clear Politics has now moved Pennsylvania back into the undecided category.”

The country music artist replies with, “More proof that nobody should trust anything that RCP says ever again.”

The user says, “Stay in your lane.”

Tritt makes a reference to the freedom of speech by saying, “I have as much right to those lanes as anyone else. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.”