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Travis Tritt on Joe Biden During Debate: ‘Why Should Anyone Believe Him Now?’

by Hunter Miller
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt is taking aim at Democratic candidate Joe Biden in light of Thursday night’s final presidential debate. The “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” singer took to Twitter to post a number of tweets in which he slammed the former Vice President.

Towards the beginning of the debate, which was held in Nashville, TN, Tritt first took issue with Biden’s proposed plans if he wins the Nov. 3 election. “Biden is promising so many things if he is elected, yet he was VP for eight years and never delivered any of them,” Tritt tweeted. “He was in politics for forty years before that. Why should anyone believe him now?”

Similar to criticisms lodged by President Donald Trump during the debate, the 57-year-old country singer then attacked Biden’s record. Tritt likened expecting Biden, who has been in politics for 47 years, to initiate positive change to “insanity.”

“When listening to Biden, everyone should remember the definition of insanity,” he wrote. “Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is INSANITY!”

Travis Tritt Weighs In on ‘The Talk’ Portion of the Debate

Later in the debate, President Trump and Joe Biden discussed the issue of race in America. Debate moderator Kristen Welker questioned the candidates on “the talk,” which is colloquially referred to as the conversation many Black Americans and people of color discuss with their children regarding how to interact with law enforcement.

According to Tritt, he feels that “the talk” should not only be exclusive to Black American families, but also for all Americans across the country.

“I got the very same talk when I was young. I’ve also given those same instructions to every one of my kids before they got a drivers (sic) license. It is good advice for anyone of any color,” Tritt tweeted.