Travis Tritt Knows Viral Meme Of Him Exists

by Amy Myers

Remember those hokey, obviously staged photos that every country star used to do in the 90s? Well, Travis Tritt is just one of the country stars that has one of those, and it’s become a popular meme.

You know the ones we’re talking about–the ones that are supposed to look like the country stars are smiling effortlessly with a classic country background. That’s exactly how Tritt looks in his photo.

In blue jeans and a matching denim vest, Tritt clasps one of his knees with his hands as he leans back on a wooden deck. He gives a big grin as his long, rebel hair flows behind him. His pose only mildly resembles that of a centerfold.

While most memes tend to poke fun at the subject in the photo, this one seems more lighthearted. On top of Travis Tritt’s photo, it reads “When you’ve got rice cookin’ in the microwave.” The meme references a lyric Tritt’s Top Ten hit song, “It’s Great Day to Be Alive.”

Perhaps it’s Tritt’s “Take It Easy” smile that makes it impossible to think ill of the country star. Or maybe it’s the fact that nearly every country fan can look at the photo and get the reference. Either way, it’s spurred a battle of Tritt-themed puns, and we can’t get enough of it.

One Twitter user posts the meme with the caption, Should I change my Twitter to 100% Travis Tritt memes?”

Another user responds, “I dunno that might be T R O U B L E.”

The author quips back, “How much do you charge? Here’s a quarter”.

Travis Tritt Responds to Meme

While Travis Tritt’s fans obviously love the meme, the next question is, what does the country star think?

“I have seen that,” Tritt told Taste of Country. He chuckled as he discussed his newfound social media popularity.

“I guess it’s great? I mean, I don’t really care about memes. It’s all about music for me, and just doing music that people can relate to — music that moves me and hopefully other people.”

Despite his indifference over the meme, he did express that it has helped younger generations of country fans find his music.

“For some reason, it caught on later on. Later, after it was off the charts, it started catching on with a lot of younger people,” Tritt explained. “And there’s a lot of people today that are in their 20s, or teens, that basically relate to that song, and that’s the main song from me that they know. It’s weird how that works.”

One of Travis Tritt’s most popular singles, “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” celebrates the little things that make us happy in life. Basic, routine activities that give us meaning. For Tritt, that means walking in the neighborhood and maybe growing a Fu Manchu.