Travis Tritt Lays Out Choices for Americans in 2020 Election

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Natkin/WireImage/Getty Images

Travis Tritt said the choice in the presidential election is clear. The country singer said Americans can either vote for a party that will “strip” them of their freedoms or “defend and preserve” their freedoms.

Tritt said he plans to vote both Republican and conservative in the election today (Nov. 3). He urged his followers on Twitter to do the same.

On Twitter, he wrote, “Today, the choices for Americans are quite clear. You can choose radical left-wing socialism which will strip you of your individual freedoms or Constitutional conservatism, which will defend and preserve your freedoms. I’m voting red all the way down the ticket.”

Travis Tritt Supports the Trump Administration

In recent months, Tritt has been vocal in both his support for President Donald Trump and his criticism for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. The singer has shared his thoughts on recent issues on Twitter.

On Nov. 2, Tritt voiced his approval for the Trump Administration, attributing a spike in the GDP to them. For the third quarter, the GDP increased by 33%. The country singer said this was proof that Trump kept his promises of an improved economy, even among a global pandemic.

“Third-quarter GDP growth at 33.1% thanks to the policies of the @realDonaldTrump administration!” Tritt wrote on Twitter. “Nobody predicted this much growth so soon after the pandemic hit. Promises made. Promises kept!”

In a separate series of tweets, Tritt criticized Biden and also shared his belief the mainstream media favored the Democratic candidate. In a series of tweets, he shared his thoughts on the scandal involving Biden’s son Hunter. Trump alleged Hunter received a $3 million bribe from a Russian official on behalf of his father.

“It is becoming increasingly obvious that the MSM and big tech are covering for Joe Biden to an extent that is unprecedented.” Tritt wrote on Twitter.