Travis Tritt Makes Sizable Donation to Help Combat Veterans Get Security Dogs

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Travis Tritt is supporting combat veterans. The country singer shared his appreciation for wounded combat veterans and security contractors by donating $1000 to the Shadow Warrior Project. Tritt says the money will help combat veterans receive service dogs.

On Twitter, Tritt wrote, “I’m donating $1000 today to to help security contractors and combat veterans get service dogs. I’m so proud to be working with my friend @MarkGeistSWP to help raise money toward their $20,000 goal. Please give if you can. Thank you, Patriots!”

Mark Geist, a private security contractor, created the Shadow Warrior Project to help private military security contractors. According to its website, private military security contractors aren’t entitled to the same benefits if wounded or killed as military servicemen. Geist created the project in 2012. A terrorist attack on the CIA security Annex injured Geist, who also worked there.

Shadow Warriors Project also partnered with Baden K-9 to provide service K-9s to disabled private security contractors and veterans. The organization is trying to raise $20,000 to benefit the program as a result.

Travis Tritt Warns of Accepting Donations from ‘Traitors’

While Tritt encouraged people to donate, there are some he would rather keep their money. Previously, he warned veteran organizations about taking money from “traitors.” Tritt specifically called out Camping World. Previously, the company’s CEO urged Trump supporter’s not to shop at its stores.

“Listen Folks!” Tritt tweeted. “There is nobody on this planet that supports U.S. veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans for decades is well known and documented. If I tell you that a traitor is trying to sneak in the back door, you’d better believe me. @CampingWorld hates America.”