Travis Tritt Opens Up About Kenny Rogers Definition of Success

by Charles Craighill

Tomorrow, the world will receive new music from Travis Tritt for the first time in quite a while. While the country music legend has toured fairly consistently over the past decade or so, new music has come few and far between. His new single, “Smoke in a Bar” will come out at midnight tonight. With it, he will bring his iconic voice back into our ears and hearts.

Travis Tritt has not returned to the spotlight because he needs to in any financial sense. He makes plenty of money touring and singing his hits to his millions of fans that still want to listen after all of these years. In fact, he could probably retire altogether and still make enough on royalties to cruise for the rest of his life. However, that’s just not how Travis Tritt rolls.

“Tim [Montana] sent this to me and as soon as I heard it, it just hit all the right buttons for me,” Travis Tritt said about his new single. His return to the country music spotlight came because of his love for music. In fact, he likely would not have started recording again at all if he didn’t absolutely love the song.

This news will not be the last we hear from Travis Tritt, not by a long shot. On May 7, he expects to release another full-length album called Set In Stone. The album will feature 11 songs, eight of which Travis Tritt helped write. The album will also feature a brand new collection of songwriters for Tritt’s library. He has never worked with several of these new additions before, however, his innate talent and ability doubtlessly will make the album great.

Travis Tritt on Kenny Rogers and Success

Again, Travis Tritt had no real reason to return to the spotlight other than his love for making music. His royalties, his live touring, his catalog. All that he has done so far could float him for the rest of his life. However, his drive to keep creating took over. Now we all get to gear up for an entire new Travis Tritt album come May 7.

Travis Tritt opened up about his return to creating music and what inspired him to do so via American Songwriter. As it so happens, something he heard from “The Gambler” singer Kenny Rogers played a huge role in his return to music.

“Kenny Rogers told me years and years ago,” Travis Tritt explained. “‘You know what success is? Success is doing things because you want to, not because you have to. If you go out and do it just because you love the music, the money, and the success and all the other stuff that goes along with that will probably come to some extent.”

And money, success, and all that other stuff have definitely come Travis Tritt’s way. He remains one of the most listened to and most iconic country singers since he blew up in the 1990s.

“But whether it does or whether it doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter,” Travis Tritt continues. “As long as you’re out there doing what you love, having an effect on people, and watching what the music you’re creating does to people. How it becomes the soundtrack of so many people’s lives and how powerful that is.’”

Those wise words from Kenny Rogers had a lasting effect on Travis Tritt. Those words had such a large impact on Tritt that he has decided to make music once again.

“That humbles me. I marvel at it daily, because music is such a powerful medium. That’s the thing that’s always motivated me to not only listen to it but to try to create it and try to move other people with it.”