Travis Tritt Pays Tribute to US Military Members on Pearl Harbor Day 79th Anniversary

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Legendary country music star Travis Tritt is taking time to reflect and honor our country’s military heroes.

Today (Monday, Dec. 7) marks the 79th anniversary of the Japanese surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor Day is set aside each year to remember the 2,403 United States citizens who were killed in the attack. The United States would declare war against Japan the very next day, thus making entrance into World War II.

Travis Tritt Will ‘Never Forget to Honor Their Sacrifice’

Tritt took to social media on Monday in remembrance of the sacrifices made by thousands on that day in 1941. The singer, who often tweets special thanks to service men and women, took a moment on Pearl Harbor Day to show his deep apprecation.

“On this #pearlharborday we pause to remember and honor all US military members and civilians who were killed or injured on 12/7/1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked,” he writes. “Even though that attack took place 22 years before I was born, I will never forget to honor their sacrifice.”

Tritt concludes his Twitter post with an American Flag emoji.

Performing the National Anthem at NASA SpaceX Launch

Tritt’s career has seen a resurgence as the country icon is as relevant today as he has ever been. He recently performed the National Anthem before last month’s NASA SpaceX launch. He sang the National Anthem before the shuttle departed earth for the International Space Station.

“I am thrilled to be singing our National Anthem for this event,” Tritt says on social media before the launch. “Wishing all the best for a successful launch!”

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