Travis Tritt Performs in Front of an Impressive Houston Crowd in Epic Concert Photos

by Kati Michelle

Country superstar Travis Tritt finds himself in the thick of his lengthy tour, joined by Cody Jinks in some stops, and Brooks & Dunn in others. The tour is set to hit an Austin, Texas Amphitheatre Saturday and Sunday before turning north for a bit. It then bounces around the south and midwest before even reaching overseas. Namely, Canada and Norway mark the tour’s projected international path. The tour is currently slated to run through July 29 of 2022 with some major festival appearances.

Tritt took to Twitter to celebrate one of his most recent stops in Houston, and the concert photos show off quite the impressive crowd. A smiling Travis Tritt handles his guitar like a pro next to the rest of his band in a variety of mood and light settings. One thing’s for sure– the crowd looks packed.


If you weren’t able to snag a ticket, you can live vicariously through these photos here:

Going Once, Going Twice, and Travis Tritt’s Truck is SOLD

Not too long ago, Travis Tritt posted one of his old whips to eBay hoping to sell it. After a lot of speculation online that the circulating truck post was actually fake, Tritt put those worries aside. An Instagram post from the star confirmed that he was indeed selling the 2006 F-250.

After a wild bidding war ensued, WFMS reports the auction is officially over. The identity of the winning bidder remains anonymous, but he or she is walking away with the pretty-looking Ford. Their pockets might feel a little lighter, too, after dropping $48,800 for it.

Now, what’s Travis Tritt doing with all that extra pocket change? Well, the star actually plans to donate a portion of those proceeds to some of his favorite charities. More specifically, he plans to donate to causes that directly support veterans.

A Record of Veteran Involvement

Travis Tritt’s support of the veterans is not new. In fact, Chicago Tribune headlines from as far back as ’93 thank him for all his support. He talked to them all those years ago about one of his music videos which remains one of his most popular projects even today.

“Here I am 30 years old and I had never been around disabled people before. Then we went to a veterans hospital in Murfreesboro, Tenn., to shoot my video for ‘Anymore,’ in which I played a disabled vet in a wheelchair. While doing the video, I got to know some of the people there.”

“I was amazed at the things the vets were able to do,” the star recollected. “They were taught to ski (many had only one leg) and scuba dive; they played basketball and did all sorts of athletic things that many were sure they couldn’t ever do again.”

At almost 60 years of age now, Travis Tritt doesn’t show any signs of slowing down or backing down on his support.