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Travis Tritt Responds to ‘Tolerant Left’ Twitter User: ‘Biggest Hypocrites Ever!’

by Chris Haney
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

On Saturday, country music star Travis Tritt went after Joe Biden‘s supporters in multiple tweets calling them “hypocrites” following the 2020 presidential election results.

Tritt is an avid proponent of the Trump administration and has voiced his disdain for the left on numerous occasions. As the results of the election were announced, Tritt jumped on Twitter. He took the time to call out one particular Twitter user who shared a harsh message for the musician.

A user named Reed Strong tweeted, “Hey @Travistritt, On behalf of America, F–K OFF!!!”

Less than an hour and a half later, Tritt responded to the jab using the man as an example of the “tolerant left.”

“Just one of many examples of the “tolerant left” that claims we need Biden to “unify” our country. Biggest hypocrites ever!” Tritt claimed.

Tritt Calls Biden Supporters ‘Hypocrites” Twice on Saturday

During the early hours of Saturday morning, Tritt called Biden supporters hypocrites. The country singer thinks that Democrats who accuse Trump and his supporters of being divisive are mistaken. In fact, he thinks it’s the other way around.

Tritt claims that Democrats are the ones making divisive comments as Biden took the lead in the election over the last few days. The country artist called them hypocrites for the first time this morning, but it was not the last of the day.

“Have you noticed that many Biden supporters who accused Trump supporters of being divisive are making some of the most divisive statements now? Hypocrites!” he explained.

In addition, Tritt took aim at FOX News earlier this week on Election Day. The outspoken musician tweeted criticisms saying that the network can not be considered the “fair and balanced network they once were.” He called many of the FOX News anchors “biased hacks” in his tweet.

“No matter what the final results are tonight, one thing is extremely clear,” Tritt tweeted. “@FoxNews can no longer claim to be the fair and balanced network they once were. There are a lot of biased hacks there now and a ton of folks are noticing. It’s now @newsmax for me for election results.