Travis Tritt Reveals Why His Father Said He Had ‘Better Chance of Being President’ Than a Country Star

by Clayton Edwards

Travis Tritt is a country icon. He cut some of the greatest songs of the 90s. In fact, songs like “Here’s a Quarter,” “Anymore,” and “Help Me Hold On,” were all over the radio during the decade. At the same time, he built buzz and controversy with the rock-infused sound of “Put Some Drive in Your Country.” He was also fortunate enough to get to know and perform with some of his heroes. Today, his songs are the soundtrack to some of our best memories. The bottom line here is that Tritt is a bona fide country superstar.

Recently, Travis Tritt dropped his first album in a long time. Set in Stone blew the minds of 90s country fans across the nation. Tritt also appeared on the latest episode of The Road You Leave Behind with Marty Smith to talk about his road to stardom as well as the new record. He told Marty Smith all about how hard it is to make it in the music business.

Travis Tritt Knows How Rare Success Is

One of the biggest takeaways from the latest episode of The Road You Leave Behind is that Travis Tritt is incredibly humble. He never really toots his own horn. Instead, he thanks his lucky stars that he is where he is today.

Travis Tritt told Marty how fortunate he was to be a successful musician. He said that he knows, statistically, how rare it is to make it. No matter how talented you are as a musician, the chances of hitting it big are slim. He and Marty agreed that it was like a single grain of sand on a big beach.

Travis Tritt went on to say, “My dad used to say all the time, ‘Son, you’ve got a better chance of being president of the United States than you do of being successful in the music world.’ And, in a lot of ways, he was absolutely right.”

At one point, Travis Tritt said that many things fell into place to give him the chances that he had. According to him it had a lot to do with the people he knew and was connected to. Timing also played a role in his success. Whatever combination of things had to happen to push Tritt to the top, he is grateful for it.

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