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Travis Tritt Reveals Why It Took Him 14 Years to Release an Album

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

During a recent podcast appearance, country star Travis Tritt opened up about why he waited 14 years to release another studio album.

The country singer joined The Adam Carolla Show and touched on numerous subjects. He talked about his love for racing, the story behind his “No Hats Tour,” and shared his eagerness to perform live shows again. In addition, the “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” singer spoke out about his hiatus from recording albums.

“It’s the first studio album I’ve done in 14 years,” Tritt explained on the podcast. “And the reason for that is – it wasn’t because I was lazy – it’s because about 12 years ago I made a conscious decision that I wanted to focus on just live performance.”

Tritt admitted that it’s been difficult for him to transition back and forth from playing live shows to recording an album. The musician says he stays laser-focused on the work at hand, and that’s just how he operates. Whether that’s writing new material or focusing on creating the best live show possible, he’s all-in.

“It was very hard for me, since the very beginning of my career, for me to transition from one particular stage to the other. For example, if I go in and I know I’m getting ready to do an album, the first phase of that is writing. So I have to go in and be laser-focused, for me, and I put blinders on,” Travis Tritt explained.

“Then, it’s very difficult for me to transition from that to recording mode… Then you have to transition from that to performance mode, and going out and giving the best shows that you possibly can. For me, that was always a difficult thing to do,” he added.

Travis Tritt Scales Back Songwriting

With Travis Tritt’s first studio album in 14 years releasing soon, he’s opened up about scaling back his songwriting.

Even though Tritt hasn’t created a new album in over a decade, the singer has stayed busy. He’s stayed active by touring and focusing on playing great live shows for his adoring fans. In fact, he averages performing 130 concerts per year. That’s basically the equivalent of playing a show every three days on average. So, yea, Travis Tritt has been busy. Even though the country singer focused more on his concerts, he didn’t completely stop writing.

“I don’t think I ever really completely turned it off. But I definitely scaled it way, way back for the last 10 or 12 years,” Tritt explained to American Songwriter. “We were focused on just going out and doing the best live show that we could possibly do.”

Meanwhile, the country star reiterated that he has a “writing mode” and “touring mode.”

“For me, it’s two totally different modes,” he said. “There’s touring mode, where you focus on the shows and setlists — how you’re going to change things around, which songs to drop, and which songs you’re gonna add. I get blinders on. When I’m in touring mode, it’s very hard for me to switch over and go back into writing mode.”

Travis Tritt recently released “Smoke in A Bar,” his first new single in 13 years. Fans only have to wait two more months for his highly-anticipated new studio album Set in Stone. The album will release on May 7, so mark your calendars.