Travis Tritt Rocks the Stage in Front of an ‘Unbelievable’ Texas Crowd in New Pics

by Jennifer Shea

After a year away from the stage, Travis Tritt is back to playing live concerts featuring packed rooms. The country star posted pictures from his most recent show to Instagram early Monday morning.

“We played in front of an unbelievable crowd tonight in New Braunfels, Texas!” Tritt wrote on Instagram. “I’m so unbelievably humbled by the response we are receiving from every crowd we play for these days! God bless every music fan that is willing to pay to see us play! I love you all more than words can say!”

Accompanying that caption were pictures of a grinning Tritt taking the stage, a concert hall crammed with people and some videos of Tritt performing.

Travis Tritt Juggles Touring and Parenthood

Tritt has been on the road since the spring, playing shows as the country opens back up from the pandemic. And he is clearly thrilled to be doing so. The artist has shows lined up all through this upcoming summer.

Whether on or off the road, Tritt has also been busy dispensing sage advice to his three young adult children. For example, his daughter recently made news for dating recently-divorced country singer Michael Ray. Tritt told People he advised his daughter to just live her best life.

“I basically tell all my kids not to pay any attention to them,” Tritt said of the headlines. “I tell them to ‘live your life’ and ‘do what makes you happy’ and ‘try to be a good person’ and ‘do the things that you know are right.’ And yes, I tell them to ‘try to avoid the things you know are wrong.’”

“Everyone is going to have opinions and that’s fine, but you don’t have to subscribe to their opinions,” Tritt added. “Live your own life.”

The ‘Silver Linings’ of Quarantine

Travis Tritt has found two upsides to the pandemic. One, it gave him more time with his family, which had naturally drifted apart somewhat as his kids hit adulthood.

“Being able to constantly be around each other and experience life together at the same time and in the same place was the silver lining of the cloud of last year,” Tritt told People.

And two, Tritt was able to spend some time in the studio and come out with a new album, Set in Stone, which dropped on May 7. It was his first album in 13 years.

“I had been out of the studio for so long,” Tritt told last month. He said his manager, Mike “Cheez” Brown, had encouraged him, saying, “I still think you’ve got a lot of music left in you.” So Tritt teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb and a team of writers and got to work.

Now that his new album is out, Tritt can enjoy hitting the road that much more. He said it’s great to see people “enjoying a little bit of that freedom again,” and called the excitement at his recent live shows “overwhelming.”

“People are not taking opportunities to enjoy their life for granted any longer,” Tritt said.