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Travis Tritt Shares Sweet Pics With Wife From ‘Wonderful’ Wedding Anniversary Celebration

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt is raising the bar for hubbies around the world with his wedding anniversary photos and post.

Country music star Travis Tritt celebrated his 24th wedding anniversary yesterday with his wife Theresa. To celebrate, Travis posted photos of himself dressed up and posing with his beautiful wife. Along with the photos, Travis wrote, “We had a wonderful time celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary yesterday! Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes to Theresa and I.”

How Did Travis Tritt and Theresa Meet?

Travis Tritt had been married twice before meeting Theresa. He married his high school sweetheart Karen Ryon in 1982 but they divorced in 1984. Later he married Jodi Barnett but they broke up in 1989. Although he had sworn off dating after that, a few years later he met Theresa in 1995. The two started dating after meeting at The Nashville Network while Theresa was videotaping the “Marty Party” with singer Marty Stuart. At the time, Theresa was in college and working as a model. During an interview in 1996, Travis Tritt talked about being “blindsided” by his love for Theresa.

“I got blindsided,” said Tritt. “The last thing I was looking for or expecting was to have this relationship come about.”

Whether he was expecting it or not, Travis Tritt definitely fell for Theresa and she’s been a vital part of his life for decades.

“The next thing I knew, she was a really huge part of my life,” said Tritt.

Travis Wrote One of His Famous Songs About Theresa Just Months After They Met

During the same interview, Travis revealed that he even wrote his famous song “More Than You’ll Ever Know,” about three or four months after meeting Theresa.

“When you first meet somebody and you’re falling in love with them, if you’re like me you want to spend every waking moment of your day with her, get to know her as much as you possibly can,” said Tritt. “We were able to do that for about the first three or four months we were together.”

After those first few months, Theresa returned home to Florida to visit her parents and Travis went on tour. So, they weren’t able to see each other as frequently.

“We were apart for about two weeks after having been together practically every day for three months,” said Travis. “And I missed her much more than I thought I was going to. And much more than I wanted to let myself miss her.”

So, Travis Tritt did what every country musician with an aching heart does, he wrote a song.

“And I sat down one night on the bus and wrote that song out in the middle of nowhere. It’s one of those that’s nothing fancy, nothing flashy, just comes directly out of circumstance – right out of your heart,” said Travis. “I was able to get hold of her the next day, and I told her, ‘When you get back, I got something I wrote for you that I want to play for you.'”

Well, we all know how that turned out. Twenty-four years later, the couple seems just as happy as ever.

Travis Tritt “More Than You’ll Ever Know”