Travis Tritt Shows Off Newly Wrapped Tour Bus as He Hits the Road This Weekend

by Quentin Blount

When you are a country music star like Travis Tritt is, you spend a lot of time on the road, perhaps even more time than you spend at home. As a result, you have to have a second home away from home. And Travis Tritt has that in spades.

The country singer took to social media on Thursday afternoon to give his fans a sneak peek of his newly-wrapped tour bus. As he gets ready to hit the road, there is no doubt that Tritt will have a pretty awesome setup. His bus will be his main spot to relax while living life on tour.

“Coming soon to a town near you!” Tritt announced on Twitter. “Get the latest tour updates at”

As you can see in the video above, Travis Tritt’s new wrap on his tour bus is pretty sweet. There will be no question as to whose bus it is when he finally takes off. In huge writing down the side of the trailer, it reads, “Travis Tritt ‘Set in Stone.'” There are also gigantic photos and drawings of Tritt, adding to the aesthetic.

There’s no doubt that fans were happy to be let in on the surprise. Fans sent replies to Tritt’s latest tweet saying things like, “That looks so awesome!!!!!” and “So glad you are touring again!”

And even though we didn’t get to see the inside, we have to assume that it is just as sweet as the outside. And hopefully, if we are lucky, Travis Tritt will walk us through the entire bus in the future.

Travis Tritt ‘Set in Stone’ Album

Earlier this month, Travis Tritt dropped his first album in more than a decade. Set in Stone is definitely a breath of fresh air and was what many of us needed to escape during a pandemic.

It is hard to believe that 14 years went by without a studio release for the country star. But that is exactly where we were prior to early May. Up until that point, Tritt was mainly focused on playing live shows. After all, he does have a loyal fan base, and live shows are where the money is.

Nonetheless, Tritt’s new album sounds almost exactly how you would expect it to — with a lot of soul. It is an ode to some of the great classics in the genre, as his beautiful voice pours over 11 new tracks including love songs, upbeat songs, and songs that make us think back to the good ol’ days.