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Travis Tritt Slams Twitter User Bashing His Music in Profanity-Laced Tweet

by Outsider
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Travis Tritt took to Twitter with a response to a vitriolic user who sent a hateful tweet his way.

Tritt fired back after the user, Davin Wood, told him that his “music is bad, and has always been bad,” along with some cursing. Wood continued to repeat that “The music you make is bad.”

In response to Wood’s tweet, Tritt selected the perfect words:

“Interesting! I must have sold 30 million albums to people who love bad music. Thanks for clearing that up. Now, run along. Bye!”

Travis Tritt is an outspoken Twitter personality who isn’t afraid to respond to those who come for him.

Most recently, Tritt took to the platform to slam a video of a woman who had said she hoped a group of teens died from coronavirus. Twitter user “Carol” (@carolshappylife) tweeted to Tritt that it was “Corrupt Trump” the woman would probably end up voting for this November.

Tritt also spent some time on Twitter after legendary country artist Mac Davis passed, which he memorialized the singer-songwriter. In the past, Tritt had spoken out on the platform, giving advice to all “actors, musicians, and entertainers”. He suggested they keep politics out of their art.

He has a new album on the way out, which is headed by the single “Ghost Town Nation.” He says it finds him “making the best out of a bad situation.”

This marks the first single from Tritt in over a decade. Fans are excited to jump into what the star has planned next. The current COVID-19 pandemic has positioned Tritt as someone who speaks his mind. Though there’s still some time left until the album releases, this single is a good way to hype things up and make sure fans stay engaged before it arrives.

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