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Travis Tritt Calls Out Social Media Platform for ‘Tampering,’ Gives Call to Action for Fans

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Country legend Travis Tritt is calling out social media platforms. He accused the social media giants of tampering with users’ accounts.

Tritt used Twitter to blast a call for action to his fanbase. In a tweet, Tritt accused the platform of selectively unfollowing specific accounts and manipulating people’s pages. He also urged his followers to make sure that they were still following him if they had in the past.

He wrote, “FYI – @Twitter is notorious for tampering with your accounts. Without your knowledge, Twitter will regularly unfollow specific accounts you have intentionally followed. Please check to make sure you are still following me if you have followed me in the past. Thanks!”

Tim Young, a comedian and Washington Post columnist, responded to Tritt’s tweet. He wrote, “Every day. It’s why people don’t see any growth on their account” to which Tritt responded, “Exactly!”

Tritt’s tweet drew plenty of reactions from his followers. Several users said they were thankful to still be following Tritt and his career. For instance, one user wrote, “This is honestly the first time I’ve logged into my Twitter in the last few months, but you came up in my newsfeed, so I guess I am still following you. Saw you in Ormond here in Florida a couple of months ago, was amazing. Can’t wait to see you again.”

Travis Tritt Doesn’t Care About Backlash

Travis Tritt isn’t the first to call out social media platforms. Last November, Jason Aldean blasted Instagram for censoring his Veteran’s Day post. The social media site flagged the post as false for miscrediting a quote to Abraham Lincoln. Aldean used the quote at the time in honor of military members. As a result, the singer called out Instagram.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Tritt has used Twitter to speak his mind. In the past, Tritt used the platform to share music, speak his thoughts, and honor late country legends. Last September, Tritt admitted he wasn’t afraid of any potential backlash from his posts.

He wrote at the time, “There is a certain amount of freedom that comes with getting older. I say what I think without worrying about backlash. I know many younger artists don’t have that luxury.”

Tritt has dealt with his share of controversy during his career. He faced pressures to conform to music standards and garnered the label of being hard to work with. While Tritt almost buckled as a musician, he stood by his music during this early period. Tritt embraced his status as a new Outlaw Country musician. As a result, that confidence seemingly spread to other aspects of his life as well.

Travis Tritt recently released his new album “Set in Stone.”