Travis Tritt Speaks Out About Donald Trump COVID-19 Diagnosis

by Matthew Wilson

In a series of tweets, country singer Travis Tritt commented on the news President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19. Trump revealed on Oct. 1 that he and Melania tested positive for the virus. The president is currently at Walter Reed Hospital, fighting the virus.

In a tweet, Tritt commented on the recovery rates for people with COVID-19. He said, “The recovery rate for those infected with COVID19 is over 95% for most age groups. That’s a much higher recovery rate than for those infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

In subsequent tweets, Tritt revealed he wasn’t criticizing Trump but Trump’s critics. He included a definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome as “all consuming hatred of everything Trump.” He also described people inflicted with the syndrome, as lacking “the capacity to see anything positive that Trump has done or said.”

As a result of his followers’ reactions, Tritt confessed he was a Trump supporter as well. He wrote, “The face a Trump supporter makes when they google Trump Derangement Syndrome and realize that it isn’t a slam against them and that I’m a Trump supporter too. Hello!!!!”

Travis Tritt also commented on Trump’s Rose Garden event.

Tritt also commented on the Rose Garden event on Sept. 26 where several White House official may have been infected. According to TMZ, the event was “ground zero” and a “super-spreader” for COVID-19. At the event, Trump announced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court Justice nominee.

According to the outlet, almost no one at the event practiced social distancing or wore masks. Since the event, at least seven people have tested positive for COVID-19. Trump and Melania was among those infected, including Senator Mike Lee, Senator Thom Tills, Kellyanne Conway and University of Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins.

Twitter users have described the event as a “massacre.” Rose Garden Massacre is trending on the platform. Tritt criticized the label as being inaccurate. He also included the definition of what a massacre is.