Travis Tritt Speaks out on Skyrocketing to Success in ’90s: ‘Like Being Strapped to a Rocket Ship’

by Halle Ames

Travis Tritt is a country music legend, but when success hit in the ’90s… hold on tight because we are going for a ride.

On our very own Outsider podcast, The Road You Leave Behind, the notable Marty Smith sits down with none other than Grammy Award-winning artist Travis Tritt.

Tritt had grown up writing music and playing in the church band. As a teenager, while most of us had no aspiration for what to do with our lives, Tritt was recording demos. In 1987, Warner Brother Record’s Nashville division signed him.

This contract was nothing glamorous and quite cutthroat. Welcome to the big leagues, Travis! Under the contract, Travis Tritt would record six songs, and then three were to be released as singles.

To spice up this already ghost pepper hot deal, Tritt had to have one song rank in the top ten. No pressure.

“That was in 1989, and I had recorded three singles because they are not going to give me an album,” explained Travis Tritt. “They’re not going to record an album on me if one of those three songs that I recorded didn’t go top ten. So I’m praying like crazy, man. In August of 1989, ‘Please let this song, this first single “Country Club,” go top ten’ and my prayers were answered. Not only did it go top ten, but it became the largest selling single that Warner Brother Country Music division has released up to that point.”

Travis Tritt Hits the Gas

It took just one single to catapult Travis Tritt to stardom. What is it like to go from working in a furniture store and scraping gigs together to selling out shows? Tritt had the perfect analogy. In short, it was a dream come true.

“Well, it’s like being strapped to a rocket ship!” admits Tritt. “Everything that goes on, it just happens so fast at least it did in my case. I mean, I went from playing these little dive clubs that probably held maybe 120 people at the most to all of the sudden playing bigger clubs and bigger places, being at festivals, and all these different things. There are thousands of people that are coming out, and they’re interested. It was all the things that I ever dreamed of, but it was shocking at the same time to me. In the back of my mind, did I dream about it? Yes. Did I expect it to happen? Absolutely not.”

I bet Cinderella didn’t see it coming either, but both seem to be doing just fine for themselves.

Furthermore, Travis Tritt notes that he never wanted to be in the music industry for the money but for the love of it.…. I’m sure the money is a welcomed perk, though.

He said that music signified every major milestone in his life. These songs would later compile to become the “soundtrack of my life.”

And now, Travis Tritt’s iconic songs are part of other people’s life soundtrack. Funny how things come full circle…

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