Travis Tritt Speaks His Mind ‘Without Worrying About Backlash’

by Jon D. B.

In one of the most tumultuous eras of U.S. politics in history, many celebrities – like Travis Tritt – are pushing headlines with their outspoken opinions. Tritt, however, says that unlike most – he does this “without worrying about backlash.”

The country music legend has become one of twitter’s most outspoken users, too. Tritt has gathered a huge following by speaking his mind on the current state of U.S. affairs. And he does it with a “devil may care” nonchalance:

Travis Tritt: “There’s a certain amount of freedom that comes with getting older”

Twitter is made for the response, however. While many are negative to downright rude, others take the time to ask Tritt though-provoking questions in line with his opinion. Fellow tweeter AJ Croix asks the country star if he has felt backlash from his industry for how openly he speaks his mind. Croix says it happens to him regularly – and has already cost him country gigs:

“There is a certain amount of freedom that comes with getting older,” Tritt responds. He then lets twitter know that he says “what I think without worrying about backlash.” He does, however, acknowledge that younger artists – like Croix – do not have this luxury.

Other tweets from Tritt are more instigative, though. Another recent statement from Sept. 26th has the star in hot water. Particularly from those who see America as *the* land of opportunity, open to all:

This one gets nasty fast. Venture into the comments at your own peril.

Whether you agree with Tritt or not, he has certainly made one thing clear. The man does, in fact, say what he thinks “without worrying about backlash.”

He has his first single out in over a decade, too. As the saying goes – for Tritt – any publicity is good publicity.

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