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Travis Tritt Teases New Single and Music Video with Photos: ‘Guess Where We Are’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jeff Golden/Getty Images)

Country music singer-songwriter Travis Tritt offers some teases for his fans through photos and words in an Instagram post on Saturday.

Tritt shares a series of three photos, two of which are sunsets over what looks like a lake. He’s asking his fans and followers to guess where he’s been working on a new video.

See if you can figure out Tritt’s riddle in this social media post where he also talks about his upcoming single.

It looks like Tritt is out somewhere in the great outdoors, but where is the bigger question. Not many hints are given but some savvy fan probably will figure it out with a little help.

Recently, Travis Tritt shared some additional photos of him and his black lab out hunting. He was sharing his view from a duck blind with the public.

Travis Tritt Pours His Cash Into Support For Veterans

While he’s busy recording and releasing a new single, military veterans always can count on Travis Tritt being there for them.

Tritt has a lot of respect for veterans who have fought in wars for the United States. His appreciation, though, goes beyond mere words.

He has called attention to the struggles veterans face in the music video for “Anymore,” the second single from his 1991 album “It’s All About to Change.”

Tritt made a $1,000 donation in December toward the Shadow Warrior Project. He said that the donation will go toward helping veterans get service dogs for their needs.

The Shadow Warrior Project was created by Mark Geist, a private security contractor, in 2012. His goal is to help private security contractors who have needs, too. These individuals reportedly are not able to receive the same benefits as military servicemen wounded or killed that are in the U.S. military.

Tritt Urges Help But Also Warns Of ‘Traitors’ As Well

Travis Tritt says he wants people to donate to this project. At the same time, though, he’s put the word out that organizations should be wary of who is donating to help veterans.

He called some of them “traitors” and mentioned Camping World as one of them. The reason? Camping World’s CEO urged former President Donald Trump’s supporters not to shop at his stores.

That attitude didn’t sit well with Tritt at all. He took his frustrations to Twitter.

He wrote, “Listen, Folks! There is nobody on this planet that supports U.S. veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans for decades is well known and documented. If I tell you that a traitor is trying to sneak in the back door, you’d better believe me. @CampingWorld hates America.”