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Travis Tritt Is ‘Temporarily Stuck’ on Road Due to Winter Storm

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage

We’ve got some unfortunate news for some of you Outsiders who purchased tickets to Travis Tritt’s upcoming shows.

As part of Travis Tritt’s Solo Acoustic Tour 2022, he had plans to perform on Monday and Tuesday at The Birchmere in Alexandria, Virginia. Unfortunately, those two shows have been postponed thanks to snow, ice, and bad weather conditions overall in South Carolina, where Tritt is currently traveling through. With that said, Tritt is still hoping that the roads will clear up in time for him to make his way up to Tiffin, Ohio. He has a performance there scheduled for Wednesday.

The country music star took to social media on Sunday evening. There, he let fans know about his current status on the road. He posted a couple of videos and a photo that shows just how bad the roads really are right now down in South Carolina.

“Temporarily stuck in South Carolina due to road closures from snow and ice,” Tritt wrote alongside the videos. “Hope to see roads cleared tomorrow so we can head toward Tiffin, Ohio for Wednesday night’s show.”

Travis Tritt Tickets Can Be Refunded

If you are one of the fans who has already purchased a ticket to one of Travis Tritt’s postponed shows in Alexandria, you are able to get those refunded or hold on to them for the rescheduled dates. As for the fans who have tickets to the concert in Tiffin? You may want to keep a close eye on Travis Tritt’s social media accounts to see if he is going to be able to make it there in time. As it currently stands, it truly looks like that is up in the air.

“Due to travel advisories, the shows in Alexandria, VA, are being postponed. Tickets can be refunded or held for rescheduled shows. Stay safe out there!”

Meanwhile, other upcoming stops on Tritt’s Solo Acoustic Tour 2022 include trips back down to Myrtle Beach, SC, Virginia Beach, VA, Biloxi, MO, Beaumont, TX, and many, many more. Some of the shows are already sold out, but there are plenty of others that have tickets still available. You can check out Travis Tritt’s entire upcoming tour list by clicking here.

As Tritt’s tour rolls right along, the fan-favorite country singer continues to add to his impressive career. He got started back in 1989 when he first signed with Warner Bros. Records. Since then, he has put together 11 studio albums. Seven of those have been certified platinum or higher. In addition, Tritt has racked up more than $30 million in career albums sales. He’s also won two Grammy Awards and four CMA Awards.