Travis Tritt Thanks Fans for Birthday Wishes

by Charles Craighill

Yesterday, the country music legend Travis Tritt turned 58 years old. As expected, Twitter, Instagram, and all avenues of social media showed up to wish him a happy birthday. Today on Instagram, Tritt posted a group of photos of him enjoying his birthday with his family. The photos include Tritt, his wife Theresa Nelson, and his three children with Theresa.

“What a great birthday!” Travis Tritt said in his Instagram post. “Love and thanks to my wife and family for making the day so special. Thanks to all the fans who sent me Happy Birthday wishes also! I’m very blessed indeed!”

As expected, the comment section is filled with good wishes and happy birthdays. What might be most striking about these pictures is the resemblance between Tritt and his two sons, Tristian James (now 21) and Tarian Nathaniel (now 17). He has a photo standing next to each of his children, and the resemblance is scary. They even share the same hairstyles!

His oldest child and only daughter, Tyler Reese takes a little more to her mother, although you can still see the Travis Tritt in her. Each member of the family is beautiful in their own right, but together they are even more so.

One Particularly Interesting Travis Tritt Birthday Wish

While most of the birthday wishes on his Instagram post came from fans and loved ones, one Twitter post caught our attention. Another country music legend, Clint Black wished Travis Tritt a happy 58th birthday but also hinted at something bigger.

“Wishing a Happy Birthday to my buddy, Travis Tritt!” Clint Black said in his Twitter post. Even more interesting, he added: “we’ve had a lot of laughs and even wrote a cool song together! Maybe we’ll record that one day soon!”

On behalf of everyone in the country music world, we absolutely would love to see that song recorded soon. While sometimes it is hard to put too much faith into Twitter, this certainly has promise. For instance, the diction and words Black choose to use suggest new music. Why would he say that they wrote a cool song together and that maybe they will record it soon if the said song does not exist?

A Travis Tritt and Clint Black collaboration would surely blow away all of the fans of country music, but for now, we must remain in obscurity. We will keep our fingers crossed for new music on the horizon.