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Travis Tritt Thanks Fans in Heartfelt Message: ‘I Will Always Do My Best’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

Musicians of all genres around the world have been locked down with the rest of us for the past year. However, many artists are finally getting back on the stage. The real question is who needed it more on a spiritual level – the fans or the artists. Travis Tritt is one of those artists that makes it a tough question to answer. He is back on the road right now. Tritt has been taking the time to thank his fans on social media after every show.

Last night, Travis Tritt convened a meeting of his country club at the Ralston Arena in Ralston, Nebraska. Shortly after that show ended, Tritt took to Twitter to share his feelings about the show. The tweet contains a heartfelt message as well as a short video of him tearing up the stage that just might give you chills. Check out the tweet below.

in the video, Travis Tritt is singing his 1991 hit song “Here’s a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares),” to the crowd. As he jumps up and down, you can tell that he is elated to be back on the stage again. However, his words really drive the point home. He shares his gratitude as well as a guarantee with his fans.  
“Being locked down for a year has made me appreciate my fans that much more,” Travis Tritt wrote.  “I will never take for granted those who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to be entertained. I will always do my best to give you your money’s worth at my shows. Thank y’all so much!”

Travis Tritt has been a titan of country music since the 90s. However, he knows that his fans are the ones to thank for his fame.

Travis Tritt Echoes a Lesson He Learned from Waylon Jennings

Travis Tritt had several hits from his debut album Country Club. However, the fourth single from that album “Put Some Drive in Your Country,” rubbed some critics the wrong way. The electric guitars, driving beat, and lyrical content weren’t what critics wanted to hear from him. The backlash bothered him. However, one night Waylon Jennings sat him down and taught him an important lesson.

“Listen, Hoss, I’ve been hearing all the stuff they’ve been saying about you in Nashville and on these radio stations,” Jennings began. He then said that none of the criticism Travis Tritt was getting was new. In fact, it was the same criticism that was once aimed at Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, and Hank Jr. among others.

Then, the Honky Tonk Hero laid down some hard-won wisdom. He told him that critics and radio program directors didn’t matter. They weren’t the ones paying Travis Tritt’s bills. In fact, they got all of their music for free. Waylon Jennings told him that it was the people who spent their hard-earned money to buy his records and see him play that really mattered.

It seems that Travis Tritt took that wisdom to heart and still carries it with him today.