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Travis Tritt Throws It Back to Visiting ‘The Voice’ in Photo with Hosts Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson

by Jennifer Shea
Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for America Salutes You

Country star Travis Tritt is remembering the good times in a Throwback Thursday Twitter post. Yesterday he tweeted photos of himself with “The Voice” hosts Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

“Two years ago at @NBCTheVoice with Kelly, Blake and Adam! What a great time! #TBT,” Tritt tweeted.

Travis Tritt Made a Cameo on ‘The Voice’

On May 21, 2019, Tritt appeared on “The Voice” to perform a duet with finalist Andrew Sevener: Tritt’s 1992 song “T-R-O-U-B-L-E.”

Sevener was on Shelton’s team, and he had a background in country music and rock ‘n roll. In fact, Sevener was a big fan of Tritt’s. When Shelton revealed the pairing, Sevener said he might throw up from nervousness.

“Andrew’s a really funny guy,” Shelton said in a behind-the-scenes clip from the show. “He actually makes you laugh without even trying to, a lot. Andrew literally says whatever comes to his mind. [He’s] about as country as it gets.”

After their performance, Shelton praised Sevener as “the real deal.”

“He is country to the core. He’s an incredible vocalist. He’s a great guy. Please, America,” Shelton said.

Sevener was eventually eliminated, but not before he put in some impressive performances, including the duet with Tritt.

Tritt Has New Record Out

Meanwhile, Travis Tritt is just starting to get back on the road as the pandemic begins to ebb. And he’s dropped a new album that is the result of his labors during his time in quarantine.

Titled Set in Stone, the album came out Friday, May 7. And it marks the first time Tritt has returned to the recording studio in 13 years. But Tritt fans need not worry: the Grammy-winning artist says he’ll be back in the studio again much sooner than 13 years from now.

“Now that I’ve had opportunities to work with these younger songwriters, and some of these producers that are current and relevant today, I think you can anticipate that I will be not having these long hiatuses in the future,” Tritt recently told Grammy.com. “I’m definitely going to be writing and recording more, and I’m going to try to bring new music to the table as often as I can. [Dave Cobb], my manager, and these young songwriters all contributed to helping light a fire underneath me.”

And who knows? Perhaps now that his latest record is finished, Tritt will have time to put in another appearance on “The Voice.” Fans of the show can only hope to catch another rollicking Tritt performance sometime in the future.