Travis Tritt Warns Veterans Organization About Taking Donations From ‘Traitors’

by Thad Mitchell

Country music star Travis Tritt sent out a barrage of tweets early Thursday morning, warning veterans to be careful of who they take donations from. In the tweets, Tritt takes aim at Camping World and its CEO Marcus Lemonis. He also encourages Veterans organization to not accept donations from “traitors.”

“Listen Folks!” Tritt tweets. “There is nobody on this planet that supports U.S. veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans more than me. My history of supporting veterans for decades is well known and documented. If I tell you that a traitor is trying to sneak in the back door, you’d better believe me. @CampingWorld hates America.”

Tritt Calls Out Camping World CEO

Tritt is referring to the actions of retail store Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis. The Camping World CEO once asked Trump supporters to stop shopping in his stores, according to CNBC.

Referring to Lemonis as a “traitor,” Tritt says he would rather drive far away than to shop at a Camping World store.

“If I need a part for my tour bus, I’ll drive 100 miles out of my way before I’ll buy it from traitor Marcus Lemonis and @CampingWorld,” Tritt writes.

The country star then tripled down on his stance and warns veterans organizations that they will lose his support if they accept Camping World donations.

“Fair warning to @codeofvets,” he starts out. “If you accept support from @CampingWorld, you will lose mine forever. These people hate our @POTUS and cannot be trusted. Don’t fall for their BS. Prove to us all that @codeofvets cannot be bought.”

Tritt’s tweets come on the heels of Lemonis offering up a sizeable donation to Code of Vets, an organization that support U.S. Veterans. Lemonis tweeted the offer late Wednesday evening.

In yet another tweet from Tritt, he compares taking money from Lemonis to accepting blood money from the mafia.

“Taking money from Marcus Lemonis and @CampingWorld is like saying, ‘I need a loan, so I’m willing to take blood money from the mafia,'” he writes. “No difference in my opinion.”