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Travis Tritt and Wife Theresa Nelson Celebrate 24th Wedding Anniversary: Timeline of The Couple’s Love Story

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Lexington Herald-Leader/ Getty Images)

Everyone adores a good love story. Well, we have another. Take a peek into Travis Tritt and his wife Theresa Nelson’s relationship timeline.

Today, country singer Travis Tritt and his brunette beauty celebrate 24 years of blissful marriage. However, this wasn’t Tritt’s first time at love. In fact, Nelson is his third wife.

The two met in the 90s, right when Tritt’s music career began to take off. After his single “Country Club” reached number nine on the Billboard charts, he began to put his name on the map.

Travis Tritt was invited to Marty Stuart’s videotaping for “Marty Party” when he noticed Theresa Nelson. At the time, she was a college student in Nashville and working as a model.

The Start of it All

According to a 2000 article with Country Weekly, Nelson stuck out for more than just her beauty.

“I saw a sincere sweetness in her that stuck out from all the women I had ever met,” Tritt recalls.

The feelings progressed, with Tritt saying, “I was no dummy. I got her phone number and started calling her.”

In a 1996 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Tritt gushed about the start of the two’s relationship.

“When you first meet somebody, and you’re falling in love with them, if you’re like me, you want to spend every waking moment of your day with her, get to know her as much as you possibly can,” Tritt explained. “We were able to do that for about the first three or four months we were together.”

During Tritt’s courtship of Nelson, he professed his love through the song “More Than You’ll Ever Know.” He revealed that the tune came to him in the wake of his distance from Nelson.

“We were apart for about two weeks after having been together practically every day for three months,” Travis Tritt said. “I missed her much more than I thought I was going to – and much more than I wanted to let myself miss her.”

Travis Tritt Admits Time Apart Was ‘Miserable’

Everyone can relate to daydreaming about their significant other, but what happens when you have no means of communication? Tritt noted that he was “miserable” during this time apart.

“[The band and I] were out in the middle of East Bumble-somewhere, and my cellular phone wasn’t working, so I’d get off the stage and couldn’t call her, and I’d be wondering what she was up to and if she was feeling anywhere close to as miserable as I was.”

To ensure that they would never be apart again, the two tied the knot in 1997, something Travis Tritt swore off after his second failed marriage. He said the trick is to “let love find you.”

Today, the 58-year-old country singer and his 48-year-old wife have three children together. They include their 23-year-old daughter, Tyler Reese, 21-year-old son, Tristan James, and 17-year-old son Tarian Nathaniel.

Happy Anniversary Travis Tritt and Theresa Nelson. Here is too many, many more!