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Travis Tritt Wishes His ‘Lovely Wife’ Theresa a Happy Birthday: I’ve Loved You with All of My Being Since We First Met’

by Jennifer Shea
Jason Kempin/Getty Images for America Salutes You

Travis Tritt took to social media on Monday to wish his wife Theresa a happy birthday. The country music star shared a sweet, heartfelt message to his wife with his hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Wishing the happiest of birthdays today to my lovely wife, Theresa!” Tritt posted to Instagram, alongside a close-up of Theresa. “You are more amazing now than ever. Stay fun loving, kind, tough, strong and young at heart. I’ve loved you with all of my being since we first met and I look forward to sharing many more wonderful birthdays with you.”

Travis Tritt And His Wife Never Get Sick Of Each Other

Tritt stumbled across his wife, then known as Theresa Nelson, after two failed marriages and a pact with a friend to stay a bachelor for life, according to Tritt’s website. When Tritt met Nelson, he had a reputation as a bad boy who slept around and had a cocaine habit to boot.

“Living up to my image was never tough. Because that’s who I was. I was a rowdy, outlaw, hell-bent-for-leather guy,” Tritt told Country Weekly in 2000. “I’d made my mind up — I was a bachelor for life!”

Then, in February of 1995, Tritt was celebrating his birthday at a Nashville restaurant with friends. Nelson was also at the restaurant. Tritt struck up a conversation with her and got her phone number. They then embarked on a long-distance courtship, which inspired Tritt’s Top 5 hit song “More Than You’ll Ever Know.”

“When you first meet somebody, and you’re falling in love with them, if you’re like me you want to spend every waking moment of your day with her, get to know her as much as you possibly can,” Tritt told the Chicago Tribune in 1996. “We were able to do that for about the first three or four months we were together.”

By April of 1997, the two were married. They went on to have three children – Tyler Reese, Tristan James and Tarian Nathaniel – together.

“Travis and I are best friends,” Nelson later explained to Country Weekly. “We do everything together. People ask us, ‘How can you two spend that much time together? Don’t you get sick of each other?’ But we don’t. We’re buddies.’”

Tritt Has Been Getting Back On The Road

Meanwhile, as the pandemic ebbs, Tritt has been getting back out there to perform live again. And it seems like he’s having the time of his life.

In fact, in recent posts, Tritt has been sharing videos and photos from his return to live concerts. All the images feature a grinning Tritt performing for packed crowds.

Looks like Tritt and his wife are both having a good year, pandemic be darned.