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Trisha Yearwood Celebrates 30 Years of Country Music With New Deluxe Album ‘Every Girl’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Dominik Bindl/ Getty Images)

The country music queen Trisha Yearwood celebrates three decades of top-notch music with a new deluxe album.

Nearly 30 years ago, Trisha Yearwood spoke to every woman’s heart with her breakout single “She’s in Love with the Boy” in 1991. The catchy tune shot to number one on the charts, making Yearwood the first female country artist to have a debut single reach the top of the country charts.

All these years and awards later, Trisha Yearwood pays tribute to the song that put her name on the map. In honor of “She’s in Love with the Boy,” the 56-year-old artist will feature an acoustic re-recording of the song on her new deluxe album, Every Girl.

Finding a Home for the Hit

In an interview with PEOPLE, Trisha Yearwood reveals how shocked she was about the song’s success and how she came to be the “right home” for the pre-written hit.

“We had no idea it would make history,” she said. “It had apparently been around for a few years and had never found the right home. Lucky me!”

Yearwood goes on to explain how “She’s in Love with the Boy” fell into her lap with the guidance of her producer, Garth Fundis (not to be confused with Yearwood’s husband, Garth Brooks). According to PEOPLE, Fundis had the song stored on a cassette tape in his office drawer. It was just waiting for the right artist to record it.

And boy, did it pick the right one. Trisha Yearwood said it just felt suitable for her.

“We recorded it 100 percent because we liked the song,” she recalls. “I loved the story about nobody being good enough for Daddy’s little girl.”

Trisha Yearwood Upon Hearing Herself on the Radio for the First Time

After recording the hit, Trisha Yearwood explains her feelings upon hearing her voice on the radio for the first time. She said it was an “amazing feeling.”

“I was driving in Nashville in my used burgundy Honda, and when I heard my voice. I rolled down all the windows and cranked it, I guess I wanted anyone passing by to hear it, too!”

Since the 1991 release, the country artist has gone on to create 15 albums and five more number one hits. Trisha Yearwood touches on how prosperous she is to have such a breakout song under her belt.

“I don’t think it was until years later that I realized how lucky I had been to have a song like ‘She’s in Love with the Boy’ in my career. It’s precious to me now because it represents the beginning, and it represents the longevity of a good song and the loyalty of a fan base.”

On Yearwood’s new deluxe album, Every Girl, fans can expect three unreleased songs, along with her amazing cover of the A Star Is Born hit, “Shallow,” which features her superstar husband, Garth Brooks. Furthermore, the album will also have a piano-laden ballad, “I Dare You to Love.”

Trisha Yearwood released the track in August of 2019, but the deluxe version will debut later this summer.