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Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks Reveal They Won’t Have ‘Normal Family Thanksgiving Gathering’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: John Shearer/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media, LLC

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks will be having a socially distanced Thanksgiving this year. Yearwood opened up about not having any friends or family around the couple’s dining table.

“It’s hard not to get together for Thanksgiving,” Yearwood wrote. “But like so many of you, we’re staying home. And not having our normal family Thanksgiving gathering, in hopes of being together again next year.”

Despite no one coming to dinner this year, Yearwood still plans to make a feast to rival the best of them. She said she’ll make sure a couple of her friends have a homecooked meal, even if they aren’t in the same room together.

“I’m planning to make the full meal, and take boxed goody bags to a few friends and leave them on their doorsteps (masked up, of course!),” she continued. “How are you going to make this ‘together-apart’ Thanksgiving special? And if you have ideas for leftover turkey, please share. I’m talking a lot of leftover turkey.”

Likewise, Brooks recently opened up to Good Morning America about the change in holiday plans. The country singer might be loosening a couple of notches on his belt when it’s all said and done.

“Thanksgiving plans are going to be the same and totally different at the same time,” he said. “What the deal is, she’s still going to cook for 20 people. But it’s just going to be me.”

Trisha Yearwood Will Cook Their Holiday Favorites

Brooks will probably get more than his fill of mashed potatoes and gravy. Previously, Yearwood revealed that potatoes was Brooks’ favorite Thanksgiving dish.

“Garth loves gravy. So he looks forward to Thanksgiving for the homemade gravy with the turkey,” she said.

As for her, Yearwood is a fan of her cornbread dressing. It is a recipe that has been passed down in Yearwood’s family from generation to generation. Cooking recipes is a way for Yearwood to remember her late mother and grandmother.

“My favorite thing to make on the Thanksgiving table is my grandma’s cornbread dressing,” Yearwood said. “It’s a tradition that’s been passed down from generation to generation. It’s what I grew up on so I can’t imagine not having that on the table.”