Trisha Yearwood Makes Surprise Opry Appearance, Performs Special Twist on ‘She’s in Love With the Boy’ With Rising Superstar

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

Trisha Yearwood burst onto the country music scene thirty years ago. Her debut single hit the top of the charts. So, she became the first female country artist to have a number-one debut single. Then, she went on to release a whole stack of records. Additionally, she brought home plenty of awards and even more number-one singles. Most importantly, she became a staple of 90s country radio as well as an inspiration to future generations of ladies.

The world has changed immeasurably since Trisha Yearwood entered the hearts, minds, and record collections of country music fans. In fact, those who didn’t live through it may be surprised by how different the world is today than it was in 1991. The technological changes alone are mind-boggling. Today, everything is at our fingertips. However, that’s not really where the important changes lie.

The real important changes are the social ones. By and large, American society is so much closer to true equality that it was thirty years ago. For instance, gay marriage is legal now. While there are still those who complain about it, most of us have accepted it. It seems that Trisha Yearwood is among those who firmly believe that love is love. She proved that recently in a surprise appearance at the Grand Ole Opry.

Last Friday, Trisha Yearwood joined rising country star Brooke Eden for a special performance of her debut single “She’s in Love with the Boy.” The lyrics were a little different this time around, though.

Trisha Yearwood and Brooke Eden Sing ‘She’s in Love with the Girl’ at the Opry

Brooke Eden was singing on the Grand Ole Opry on the night of June 25th. She was about halfway through the hit song when she said, “I could really use some help on the second verse. I wish Trisha Yearwood was here.” That’s when the country icon joined Eden on stage. Before continuing the song, Yearwood had some things to say, according to Tennessean.

“You just got engaged to a good friend of mine,” Trisha Yearwood said. That good friend is Hilary Hoover. She serves as a promotion director for both Yearwood and Garth Brooks. The country icon continued, saying, “Love is love. You can’t just say it. You gotta mean it. So, I think we should sing this song for you guys tonight.” Trisha added, “She’s in love with the girl. I’m in love with the boy. Let’s just sing it for everybody.” And so, they did. Check out the fan-captured video below.

They changed the lyrics of Trisha Yearwood’s flagship hit to “She’s in love with the girl.” However, the changes didn’t stop there. They also changed the names of the characters from Katie and Tommy to Brooke and Hilary. It was an incredibly touching moment. The fact that it took place on one of the most important stages in country music makes the performance that much more poignant and bold.