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Trisha Yearwood Opens Up on Garth Brooks Refusing to Leave Her Side During Recent Struggles

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

When you go through difficult times in your life it’s very important to have people who love you there to support and encourage you. This is something country music star Trisha Yearwood knows very well. And luckily for her, she had her famous husband there to support and encourage her during her recent struggles.

Yearwood’s famous husband, of course, is country music icon Garth Brooks. Yearwood talked about her struggles – and how Brooks helped her through them – during an August 2021 interview with PEOPLE.

Like many people across the globe, Trisha Yearwood recently battled COVID. And, like it has been for so many others, the experience was a scary one for the 56-year-old star. She said that Brooks was there with her the entire time, even though she did not get as sick as many others who contracted the infamous virus have. She said most of her issues while battling the virus were centered in her face. Even so, battling COVID was very a scary experience.

“I had what was considered a mild case and I think that’s why we had — we were lucky that COVID didn’t go into our lungs, but that’s probably also why we have more trouble here. It was just no joke,” Yearwood shared.

Trisha Yearwood Said Garth Brooks Was ‘Really Worried’ About Her

Even while she was sick with the highly contagious virus, Garth Brooks stayed by her side. He did so even though Yearwood begged him to stay away. She did so in order to keep him from getting sick as well. Despite her pleas, Brooks was not about to leave his wife uncared for.

“He would not stay away from me. I’m like, ‘Dude, I cannot be responsible for giving Garth Brooks COVID. ‘You have to go quarantine on the other side of the house,'” Trisha Yearwood recounted her saying to her 59-year-old husband.

Brooks remained persistent in his care for his wife.

“He would not do it,” Yearwood said of Brooks staying away from her. “He was really worried about me.”

Luckily for Garth Brooks, he did not contract COVID-19 from his wife.

“But he never got sick and he was vaccinated,” Trisha Yearwood also said. “He took really good care of me, but he drove me crazy.

It’s a good thing that Garth Brooks didn’t get sick. The superstar is now embarking on an epic tour. And, just as he supported her, Trisha Yearwood is supporting him. Earlier in August 2021, she shared a behind-the-scenes image of them sharing a moment together before he hit the road.

“Gonna spend the morning with this guy as he gets ready for Kansas City. Wanna have coffee together next weekend? xo,” Yearwood posted on Instagram. That stop in Kansas City was the first for Brooks in his new tour.