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Trisha Yearwood Released ‘She’s in Love With the Boy’ 30 Years Ago, Her Thoughts on the Hit Single Now

by Quentin Blount
Photo by M. Caulfield/WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli

Country singer Trisha Yearwood recently sat down for an interview with Parade Magazine to discuss some of the past, present, and future.

There’s no doubt that Yearwood has come along way in the last three decades. After all, the now 56-year-old is more than just a Grammy-Award-winning country singer. She is also a talented actress, author, and television personality, even starring in her own series on the Food Network called Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

But where was Yearwood prior to all of her fame and success? And how exactly did she get to where she is today? Well, it all started 30 years ago with her 1991 debut single “She’s in Love with the Boy.”

And on the 30th anniversary of her first single, Yearwood was asked how she felt about it. Apparently, it makes her feel a little old.

“It came out when I was 26, so you can do the math,” Yearwood laughs.

“She’s in Love with the Boy” was released in March of 1991 as the lead single from Yearwood’s self-titled debut album, Trisha Yearwood. Written by Jon Ims, Yearwood’s debut single made its way to number one on the Billboard U.S. Hot Country Singles and Tracks chart. That was only the beginning, however. In the years since Yearwood has had five total number ones on the country chart.

Trisha Yearwood Says She is ‘Lucky’

Trisha Yearwood may not have knew it at the time, but her debut single, “I’m in Love with the Boy,” would still be a popular song 30 years after its release. In fact, she says she still has little girls tell her they love the song to this very day.

“I still have little girls who love and sing that song, and I’m like, ‘You weren’t born when the song came out!'” the country star recalls. “Their moms have kept it alive for them.”

The hit song is about a young couple named Katie and Tommy who fall in love in a small town. Although Katie’s father doesn’t approve of their relationship, her mother defends her saying that it was no different back when they were dating. Her father did not approve of their relationship but she married him anyway. And that’s what Katie will do with Tommy.

It is most definitely a relatable one for teenagers in love. Yearwood says that she is “lucky” as an artist to have such a timeless masterpiece to her name.

“You’re lucky as an artist to have a song that stays with you that long,” she says.

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