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Trisha Yearwood Reveals Garth Brooks’ Romantic Christmas Gift for Her

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Trisha Yearwood says the most romantic Christmas gift she’s ever received from Garth Brooks is a shopping cart.

That’s not a dig against the country singer. Yearwood loved the shopping cart that Brooks acquired for her. Speaking with Taste of Country Nights, she said it was her favorite gift she’s received.

“I was just talking about one of my favorite [gifts],” Yearwood said. “Garth is really thoughtful, much more thoughtful than me. So he will think about something and maybe plan it all year long, and he has done some incredible gifts for me.”

“The one that we were just discussing is a grocery cart — I know, sounds really romantic,” she continued. “But the reason that it is romantic is, we were talking about how when you get home with your groceries and you’re making trips, carrying ’em all in, it’s like, wouldn’t it be so cool if you had a cart at home?”

Garth Brooks Enlisted Trisha Yearwood’s Mother for Help

The couple has been married for around 15 years. But they’ve known each other since the start of their careers, performing together. To acquire a shopping cart for Yearwood, Brooks recruited Yearwood’s mother for help. The country singer ended up finding a defunct grocery store in Yearwood’s mother’s hometown.

“Well, he called my mom,” Yearwood said. “This was several years ago. And she talks about her hometown, Monticello, Ga., grocery store. It was called Red and White — it’s no longer in business. But [he asked], ‘Could we get a grocery cart from there, you think?’ So she went and talked to the guy who used to run the place and said, ‘Would you happen to have any of those old grocery carts?’ And he said he had about a dozen of them.”

The owner of the business decided to give Brooks the shopping cart for free. Years prior, Yearwood’s late father Jack gave him money to help start his business in the first place.

“She said, ‘How much would it cost to buy one? Garth wants to give this as a present to Trisha,'” Yearwood said. “And my dad was a small-town, blue-jeans banker. And the guy said, ‘Oh, I couldn’t charge you anything. Mr. Jack gave me the money to start my business 40 years ago, so it’d be my pleasure.'”

The shopping cart is in the couple’s garage for whenever they make their grocery trips.

“That’s the grocery cart that sits in our garage,” Yearwood said. “When we buy our groceries every week, we unload ’em in that little cart. And that’s such a thoughtful, romantic gift. And that’s just one of, like, a million things. I wish I could be as thoughtful as [Brooks]; I’m workin’ on it.”

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