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Trisha Yearwood Reveals Husband Garth Brooks is Her Favorite Food Critic: ‘He’s Real Honest’

by Jacklyn Krol
Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Trisha Yearwood not only has a husband in country legend Garth Brooks, but an at-home food critic.

On Thursday (May 13), the country singer spoke with People about her upcoming cookbook, Trisha’s Kitchen.

“It was really good because working on the cookbook, I could work on a recipe and Garth is wonderful because he’s a real honest critic,” she revealed. “He’s not going to just say, ‘Everything’s great.’ If he tells me something needs something and needs more this or that, I’m going to get mad first but he’s also usually right.”

Trisha Yearwood joked that she is usually upset after being critiqued, but will take his advice at the end of the day. She usually tests out her creations on her television show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

Yearwood will have numerous savory and sweet recipes in her book. The homestyle foods are from her own kitchen. Another creation is her sweet cream cheese poundcake. The recipe was originally from her friend but allowed her to include it in her latest creation. She revealed that Brooks has a “breakfast lasagna” which features sausage, peppers, and eggs covered in a cheese sauce.

“One day Garth said, ‘Hey, can you make lasagna but put all just breakfast stuff in it. Can it just be like breakfast stuff?'” she recalled. “So that’s in the book and that really came out of him just challenging me to do it.”

Trisha Yearwood finds peace and relaxation in the kitchen. It’s been a form of therapy for her during quarantine. She has a unique mindset concerning making cooking mistakes. Both of her parents were excellent cooks and told her that if something doesn’t turn out, order pizza!

Trisha Yearwood on Tasting Food Post-COVID

After testing positive for COVID-19 in February, Trisha Yearwood lost her taste and smell. Even to date, her senses haven’t fully recovered. She revealed to Kelly Clarkson on her talk show that she lost her senses five days after. The moment happened when her husband gave her a cup of sub-par coffee.

“I’m like, ‘I love you, but this is weak coffee,’” she shared. “It was just like that.”

“Food is kind of different right now,” she admitted. “It’s really weird – I think this is how normal people eat. They eat when they’re hungry, this is my theory, and then they stop when they’re full.”

Decadent food is Yearwood’s favorite. However, she has done her best to make healthier choices and incorporate better foods in her recipes.

“I also challenge myself to make the healthier things taste good,” she previously told Parade. “I love to roast a huge pan of root vegetables.” She then caramelizes it to make it sweeter and more like comfort food.