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Trisha Yearwood Reveals Post-2020 Election Plans

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images)

Trisha Yearwood posted a selfie to Instagram yesterday sharing her thoughts on how to relax after casting your ballot. Recording artist, Yearwood told her followers to practice self-care after they vote.

Yearwood nonchalantly mentions her and Garth Brooks‘ new release of “Shallow,” a cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s hit. Heralded as a stunning rendition of the ultra-popular song, this release will undoubtedly climb the charts.

Post Voting Relaxation

Additionally, Yearwood dispensed some much-needed advice for post-election revitalization. In this heated election season, tensions run high as both sides of the political aisle fear the other may win. However, Yearwood cheerfully shares some advice that just might be what the doctor ordered.

Yearwood voices, “after you vote, (and make sure your friends vote!) practice some self-care over the next few days. Cook. Read. Listen to music. Get some fresh air”. Although, as she says, “I’m not a doctor” she adds, “I bet it will lower your blood pressure”.

As a Nashville, TN resident, Yearwood is in arguably the best place to kick back, relax, get some fresh air, and enjoy some of the best music in the country. Advocating to go out and vote today is a common theme over the past months from celebrities. So it is quite refreshing to see Yearwood post about some easy home remedies for stress relief. Once the election has happened, Yearwood encourages everyone to practice self-care and enjoy some much-needed downtime.