Trisha Yearwood Reveals She and Husband Garth Brooks Are Open to Idea of Hosting Talk Show

by Quentin Blount

Country music star Trisha Yearwood is speaking into existence a talk show with her husband, Garth Brooks, based out of their home city of Nashville, Tennessee.

Yearwood took some time to speak about her new cookbook, “Trisha’s Kitchen,” on TalkShopLive on Saturday. In doing so, she spoke about the possibility of hosting her own show one day with her hubby.

Her recent announcement, however, does not come out of nowhere. Yearwood and Brooks recently served as guest hosts on The Ellen Show after Ellen Degeneres announced that the show was ending.

In addition to the couple hosting The Ellen Show and their incredible music careers, Brooks also hosts his own Facebook live show called “Studio G.” The series aims to give country music fans a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on in Brooks’ music career. With all of their combined experience, Yearwood and Brooks are proving that they just might have what it takes to become full-time hosts.

However, Yearwood says that she does have one condition — she wants the talk show to come to her.

“The one caveat for me is it would have to be in Nashville,” Yearwood said. “It was really fun, he and I had a really good time doing that together. But everything’s based out of here.”

Not the First Time Trisha Yearwood Had a Show Come to Her

In fact, the country singer has had the luxury of a show coming to her home once before. The Food Network was able to come to her in Oklahoma to film her cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.

“When we first started doing the cooking show we were living in Oklahoma, and I told Food Network I would love to do the show, but I’m living in Oklahoma,” she recalled. “Well, they came to Oklahoma and we filmed there, but now that we’re in Nashville we film the show here. To be able to film the show then go home at night is important. So, I would not say that it’s something we wouldn’t consider but I think they’d have to come to us.”

Yearwood also adds that not only would it be convenient for her family, it would also make sense for guests of the show.

“It would actually be easy for guests, especially artists because so many people live here. Not just country artists, a lot of artists from all forms of music live in this town. So, I’m just sayin’, Nashville’s a cool city. Think about it guys, think about it!”