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Trisha Yearwood Reveals She Wants to Start Work on a New Album: ‘Sooner Than Later’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Trisha Yearwood built an impressive country resume over the past three decades in the business. It might come as a surprise that the star actually worked as a record label receptionist before she rose to fame on the charts. She also held industry jobs by singing demos and doing background vocals.

At one point, Yearwood even acted as a tour guide for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Looking back, there are some things the star says she would do differently if she had another go at it. Despite some small regrets, however, keeping a positive mindset and gratitude are really important to Yearwood. She recently connected with Taste of Country through Zoom to spill the details.

Trisha Yearwood’s Biggest Regret

No one could have ever predicted Yearwood’s skyrocket to fame right from the get-go, not even Yearwood herself. She often describes the whirlwind experience as a “trial by fire.” All in all, she relates the 90s country scene to a dream. Three Grammys and a legendary wedding later, it’s hard to imagine that Yearwood’s biggest regret is actually not doing more.

During her Zoom call with Taste of Country, Trisha opened up about making new music and what’s been stopping her. Essentially, she recognizes her return to music as very much overdue.

“I don’t ever want to wait as long as I did for Every Girl because what I learned was, I need to make music to be complete — like, it feeds my soul in a way that I just hadn’t done in a long time. So, I definitely want to, sooner than later, start to work on a new record. Because it always happens that I’ll just hear a song and be like, “Oh, okay, I have to record this, and now I gotta figure it out, I got to find more songs.”

‘Backyard Bites’ Morning Show

Trisha Yearwood took to Facebook Live Saturday to film a quick episode of what she calls the “Backyard Bites” Morning Show. She opens the show with her long time friend Mandy, sharing drinks and pastries at a patio table outside. She says the point is to “celebrate the things you can celebrate [in life]” including friendship and the release of new episodes for her Food Network show, ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.”

The 15-minute chat shows the rowdy friends in their element rocking sunglasses and mimosas while talking about some of their fondest memories and proudest projects. Trisha Yearwood also reveals one of her latest cookbooks is set for release at the end of September and gives fans a peek at some of the pages. She also tells fans to look out for details about some upcoming virtual demos and book signings. It’s a laid-back chat filled with laughs and life lessons.

You can watch the full-length archived live stream here: