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Trisha Yearwood Shares Sentimental Meaning Behind Her Coffee Mug and Dishware Line

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Trisha Yearwood is as comfortable singing as she is in the kitchen. So when she’s not making music, she’s cooking and designing her own line of dishes.

In a Facebook video she posted Saturday, Yearwood talked about her new line of dishes with Williams Sonoma. And, she chatted about her new pet collection. Naturally, her two rescue dogs — Emmy and Millie — were there with her.

Trisha Yearwood was very relaxed in her weekly coffee talk segment. Dressed in jeans, she showed off her “Sorry I’m Late, I Saw A Dog” sweatshirt.

The first item on the casual coffee chat was about her new dishes. The design has a deeply sentimental meaning for Trisha and the rest of her family. They’re to honor her mother, Gwendolyn, or Gwen, as her friends called her.

Yearwood held up her coffee cup and said:

“This is an ode to my mom because I love it, it’s so her. … These are the sketches my mom did when she would draw her wedding cakes before she’d make them back in the day. All her little scrollings have been made into dishes and a cake platter. My family and I are just so proud.

“Her signature is on the bottom. Can’t turn (the cup) up right now because there’s a lot of coffee in here. But it’s her actual signature. Some of y’all who knew my mom, she was perfect. It’s called Gwendolyn after her. We’re going to have Mother’s Day dinner on these, for sure. Thank you Williams Sonoma for making this dream come true.”

Trisha Yearwood Said Her Mom Earned Money for Family By Baking Cakes

Gwen Yearwood was a teacher and a terrific cook and baker. And in a promotional video for the line, Trisha Yearwood talked about how her mother turned her baking talents into a profitable side hustle.

“When we were little kids, she would make wedding cakes and birthday cakes on the side to earn extra money for the family,” Trisha Yearwood said. “And she would sketch out and draw what she was going to make. I don’t think she would ever have dreamed that those sketches would end up now in everyone’s home in such an elegant way.”

Gwen Yearwood died in 2011 of breast cancer. She shared her love of cooking with her daughters. Together, they wrote two cookbooks: “Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen” and “Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood.”

Trisha Yearwood talked with Great American Country before her mother died. She said: “I think my mom is the bomb. I’m very lucky. I’m one of those kids who has a mom who everybody loves. So when my mom comes to Oklahoma and visits and she’s gone, everybody’s like, ‘When’s your mom coming back?'”