Trisha Yearwood, Sister Design Dinnerware Line Inspired By Their Late Mother

by Atlanta Northcutt

Most Southern women know how to whip it up in the kitchen, and Trisha Yearwood’s mom is no different. It’s for that reason she and her sister are honoring their late mother with a custom-design dinnerware line.

“I’m proud to share a little bit of her with you,” Trisha Yearwood tells PEOPLE of the designer dinnerware.

Trisha must’ve picked up a-thing-or-two from her mom seeing as she’s a top star on the Food Network.

Yearwood Celebrates Her Mother’s Memory

The country music singer and her sister Beth Bernard are honoring their mother’s talents of “whipping it up” by teaming with Williams Sonoma to create a new tabletop line in honor of Gwen.

One of Trisha’s favorite pieces is the Gwendolyn cake stand.

“I make a lot of cakes, for friends’ birthdays and special occasions. I can’t think of a more beautiful way to display them than on this,” she tells PEOPLE. “[My mom] made the most beautiful cakes!”

Trisha and Beth’s mother died in 2011 from cancer. The all-white dinnerware display features plates, platters, bowls, and more beautifully honoring their mother’s memory.

“I really think, if she were sitting here, she would be the star of this show,” says the star.

Gwen was a school teacher, but behind closed doors, she was an exceptional baker who specialized in the baking and design of wedding cakes. Her signature is imprinted on the back of each dinnerware piece.

“When I see mom’s signature on the bottom of the plates,” says Bernard. “it’s her.”

The star and her sister used the designs of their mother’s craftsmanship on wedding cakes and pastries to decorate each piece of the collection.

“With delicate borders based on original sketches, these pieces bring family memories to life,” states Williams Sonoma.

“When we were little kids, she would make wedding cakes and birthday cakes on the side to earn extra money for the family. And she would sketch out and draw what she was going to make,” Yearwood says in a video. “I don’t think she would ever have dreamed that those sketches would end up now in everyone’s home in such an elegant way.”

The items are currently available online and will hit the stores on April 5.

Cooking Up A New Cookbook

The time Yearwood spent during quarantine has continued to add to her cooking skills, but it also added a bit more to the table, including her fourth cookbook. Trisha’s Kitchen adds even more new recipes while using the same simple ingredients.

“Obviously you’ll see all new recipes in this book, but I think the thing I’m most proud of is what this new book has in common with my previous books,” she says. “Real recipes, simple ingredients, and stories about friends and family and why these recipes are important to me.”

In her newest book, Trish adds more new recipes to the list of Garth’s favorite meals. Obviously, Garth didn’t suffer from quarantine too badly, either. One of his favorites is “Garth’s Terriyaki Bowls.”

“Having my own show on Food Network has given me so much confidence to try new things and come up with new recipes,” says Yearwood. “I think that confidence shows in [this book.]”