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Trisha Yearwood Thanks Her Team After Landing Two Emmy Nominations For ‘Trisha’s Southern Kitchen’ Show

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Jim Bennett/Getty Images)

As most fans know, Trisha Yearwood is no longer just a country legend—she’s also a star in the kitchen. Since her Food Network show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen began in 2012, Yearwood has continued to create elegant yet easy dishes for just about every occasion. From pregame parties to family dinners, she demonstrates how to make the meal the star of the show. Just yesterday, Yearwood announced that her cooking show won two Emmys. She thanked her team for securing the wins for “Outstanding Culinary Program” and “Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing.” This is the show’s second time receiving the Daytime Emmy for “Outstanding Culinary Program,” after the first win in 2013.

Trisha Yearwood Sits Down for ‘Coffee Talk’

Recently on Facebook Live, Trisha Yearwood answered questions and shared updates in a segment of “Coffee Talk.” The star, still stunning without a lick of makeup on, perched on the sofa beside one of her dogs, Millie, while the other, Emmy, laid peacefully on a Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection bed by the star’s feet.

Ever the pet lover, Yearwood embodies the spirit of all dog lovers with a sweatshirt that reads, “Sorry I’m late. I saw a dog.”

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty, Yearwood first gives a shoutout to the mug she uses for her coffee. Inspired by her mother, the country-and-kitchen star teamed up with William Sonoma to recreate the frosting design her mother used on wedding cakes onto the mugs. She lovingly calls her cup the “Gwendolyn” mug.

Trisha Yearwood told her Facebook viewers that she is excited to continue with the production of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. Since filming their last episode in February 2020, the kitchen guru is itching to get back to the stove. Starting this summer, the crew will return to film the next season of the cooking show.

“Everybody on our crew is anxious to get back together,” Yearwood shared. “And now that everybody has the opportunity to get vaccinated, even though we’ll be following COVID protocols and masked up, we feel that we can finally talk about safely going into production. So I’m pretty excited about that.” 

Country Legend Launches New Pet Product Line

Along with her cooking show success, the country star embarked on another journey recently—releasing products with a purpose with Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection. Just launched in April, Yearwood is reaching out to the dog community, in particular, to provide pet products with a purpose. Her pet accessories, treats and grooming tools all use high-quality, guilt-free ingredients and materials. Yearwood also promotes supporting rescue animals and shelters through her new collection.

An advocate for animal rescue, Trisha Yearwood’s two dogs, Millie and Emmy, are rescues themselves. After having her first rescue as a child, Yearwood reflected, “It was my first lesson in that special bond between rescue dogs and owners. There’s nothing quite like it.”

Moreover, Yearwood encourages pet lovers to send in suggestions for the collection’s next release of products.