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Trisha Yearwood’s Pet Charity Fundraiser Honoring Betty White Raises $24K in Record Time

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dominik Bindl/Getty Images)

Today would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday. And as part of the Betty White Challenge, Trisha Yearwood went above and beyond.

In order to celebrate what should have been a momentous occasion, fans and others have been making donations to animal shelters and other groups. Yearwood decided to get in on the action and use her platform to help raise a ridiculous amount of money in a little amount of time.

The country music star was on TalkShopLive on Monday in order to help out. Trisha Yearwood spent about 15 minutes on the webcast and there were a ton of donations. She helped raise more than $24,000 for Dottie’s Yard. A charity that Yearwood herself started to honor her late dog, Dottie.

To be able to raise that much money in such little time is astounding. While the final figures won’t e added up for a little while, it is safe to say that it was a successful venture. Yearwood got up there with her two dogs, talked about the cause and of course, about Betty.

White spent a lot of time working with animal charities. Shelters are always in need of supplies and assistance it seems. Dog and cat populations can really take off and without proper funding, even folks that want to help aren’t able to do much. So, fundraisers like this should help those efforts in Middle Tennessee.

Trisha Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks are the proud owners of two rescue dogs and love to raise funds in order to help animals in need. The two of them have been very vocal in the past about animal charities. It is great to see them giving back in such a great way. Yearwood is throwing in another $10k on top of what was donated by others.

Trisha Yearwood on Betty White’s Legacy

Last week, Trisha Yearwood took the time to talk about White and all that made her special. Of course, she also talked about her fundraiser and why she wanted to do it. This has been a great gesture from the country singer and an impressive result now that the fundraiser is over.

“Everybody loves Betty White,” Yearwood said. “I’ve been reading about the influx of donations to pet charities and shelters across the nation since Betty’s passing and I think she is up there smiling so big that this is how the world is showing her how much we love her. I’m excited to be a part of the Betty White Challenge to help shine a light on the great work that rescues, and shelters do, many with only volunteers and private donations of food, bedding, and time.”

To conclude, Trisha Yearwood said, “The common denominator is love.” The love of a dog or cat is one of the best gifts a friend, family member, or individual can give to themselves. Here at Outsider, our furry friends are family. We love seeing the enthusiastic response to Yearwood’s live stream.