Tyler Childers Earns Second Certified Platinum Single

by Taylor Cunningham

Singer and songwriter Tyler Childers has gone platinum for a second time. His single All Your’n was certified by the RIAA on August 29th. A single or album can only be certified platinum after reaching 1 million sales.

The Kentucky-based superstar broke into the country music scene in 2017, when he released his album Purgatory. Though Purgatory wasn’t his first release. When he was 19, he recorded Bottles and Bibles.

Following the record-breaking release of Purgatory, he earned a Grammy nod and won the American Music Honors & Award’s emerging artist of the year.

His single Feathered Indians was certified platinum back in September of 2020. And Purgatory went gold in December of 2020. In short, ever since fans heard his raspy, soulful voice, his fame has continued to gain momentum.

The most amazing thing about Tyler Childers’s career is that he’s earned all of his stardom while getting almost no mainstream radio play.

In a November 2020 interview, fellow country artist Ashley McBryde mentioned Childers’s lack of airtime. “Tyler Childers. He’s as country as a homemade sock, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t be played on country radio. He’s got the beard — the only thing missing is the ball cap,” she said.

So Who is Tyler Childers?

As Ashley McBryde said, Tyler Childers is as country as they get. The singer grew up in Lawrence County, Kentucky. And he is the son of a coal miner and a nurse.

On his personal website, he wrote, “I hope that I’m doing my people justice, and I hope that maybe someone from somewhere else can get a glimpse of the life of a Kentucky boy.”

And he seems to be doing just that. Sturgill Simpson once spoke of Tyler Childers’s sound and said, “There’s always that Kentucky thing. There’s always that respect in the music for that place.” 

Childers has also started using his lyrics to reflect on social injustice. In his 2020 single Long, Violent History, he wrote on African American history in the US.

Senora May, who is also a Kentucky-born musician, is his muse. The couple tied the knot in July of 2019, and he says May has been his lyrical inspiration. In fact, his first Platinum single, Feathered Indians, was about her. And the story behind his love songs is adorable.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Tyler Childers once said, “I write a lot of love songs for Sonora…It used to be that I’d get in trouble or upset her, it was just as easy as writing her a love song. It’s not nearly as effective as it used to be. Nowadays, I usually have to do something else on top of that.”