Tyler Childers Playing New Songs Has Us Thinking a New Album Is Coming

by Courtney Blackann

It could be because he’s been playing a few originals at some music festivals lately that people are beginning to wonder if Tyler Childers is on the verge of a new album. The country singer has a number of hits off his 2020 album “Long Violent History,” and the new tunes have us hoping for more.

It wasn’t just his unnamed Christmas song that had us guessing. The song was quite beautiful when Childers played it for his social media following announcing it was his first Christmas tune.

Further, the folksy country singer appeared at a benefit for the Hill Country Youth Orchestras down in Kerrville, Texas where he played several original songs – not yet released. These included “Phone Calls & Emails,” “Percheron Mules,” ” Rusting In The Rain,”  and “Mammoth Jacks.” That’s almost half an album right there.

But Childers hasn’t made any announcements about a 2022 album. In fact, he’s been fairly quiet. But that doesn’t mean he’s not working on new music when he can.

The Kentucky native also hasn’t announced any tour dates for the year (which we’re hoping will come soon!) But in the mean time, we seriously hope the “Lady May” singer is planning to drop a new record soon.

Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan Comparisons

While Tyler Childers’ voice is instantly recognizable and completely mesmerizing, he’s often drawn comparisons to the likes of Zach Bryan. And it’s not that Zach Bryan isn’t a fan – quite the opposite – the artist has hailed Childers as something he doesn’t come close to. But he hopes that the comparisons between the two will stope – because they are each their own individual. And Bryan wants people to recognize them for their own merit.

Speaking about this, Bryan shared his frustrations.

“I cannot express it enough that music is not for comparing,” Bryan shared on Twitter following a fan comment about Bryan’s superiority to Childers. He goes on to say, “Childers is ten fold the musician I am and I will never say otherwise.” 

Bryan also adds:

“…it’s just stories and people trying to sing what their hearts feel I’m barely even a musician and my pet peeve is the constant comparison of everything.”

Country Artist On Americana Genre

The two artists are similar in that they each have an emotional, gravelly voice which relays their lyrics so poignantly. But the two are very different as well.

Childers often draws a bluegrass/folk feel whereas Bryan creates an arena of emotion through his ballads.

Childers also once spoke about the country genre and not knowing where to fall into it. A mix of bluegrass and folk, he doesn’t necessarily like the defining lines of “Americana” music.

“Everybody always talks about the state of country music and puts down commercial country and [says] “something’s gotta be done” and “we need to be elevating artists that are doing more traditional country.” But then we’re not calling those artists country artists, they’re getting put into this Americana thing. It is what it is, and I don’t really know how to define what Americana is. We’re our own thing, it’s a new time, and I don’t know what it’s called but I’ve been calling it country, y’know? I think, a lot of times, it’s kind of become just a costume.”