Tyler Childers Has Written a Ton of Love Songs for His Wife: Here’s the Adorable Reason Why

by Clayton Edwards

If you’re a country music fan and you’re not listening to Tyler Childers, you’re missing out. This is especially true if you’re a fan of traditional country music. Childers’ guitar work and vocal style are a throwback to the heyday of classic country. What really drives his music, though, is his songwriting. It is honest, poetic, and oftentimes autobiographical. It’s the kind of from-the-heart writing that many genre fans crave.

If sales and streams mean anything to you, Tyler Childers’ last album set a new record. Purgatory (2017) was the first independently-released country album to go gold without the help of radio in nearly two decades. People identify deeply with his music. The reason for this is his songwriting.

If you’re one of many country fans who regularly listens to Tyler Childers, you know all about his powerful pen. You also know that he has written a whole slew of love songs. The biggest of those is “All Your’n,” which was nominated for the Best Country Solo Performance at last year’s Grammy Awards. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Tyler Childers’ collection of love songs is deep and varied. Tracks like “Feathered Indians,” “Honky Tonk Flame,” and “Lady May,” are all stellar. On top of that, they’re some of the sweetest songs you could dedicate to that special someone.

What you may not know is that Tyler Childers wrote the bulk of those songs for or about his wife Sonora May Childers. That’s right, his wife is “Lady May,” how sweet is that?

“Lady May”

The fact that Childers has so many songs inspired by his wife is heartwarming. However, the reason that he wrote many of them is just downright adorable. It’s also pretty funny if we’re being completely honest.

So, Why Did Tyler Childers Write All Of Those Love Songs For His Wife?

Yesterday, Tyler Childers released a behind-the-scenes video. It shows him in the studio working on retooled versions of his songs “Lady May,” and “Creeker.”

There’s some great footage of him playing the songs and generally working in the studio. However, the best part is that he shares some insight into his inspiration behind the tunes.

Tyler says he writes for himself, “first and foremost,” for his own sanity. He continues, “I write a lot of love songs for Sonora…It used to be that I’d get in trouble or upset her, it was just as easy as writing her a love song. It’s not nearly as effective as it used to be. Nowadays, I usually have to do something else on top of that,” he reveals with a smile.  

We all have ways of getting out of the dog house. Some guys buy flowers or fancy dinners, Tyler Childers writes songs.