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Tyler Farr Goes Hunting on His 200 Acre Farm: ‘At The End of The Day, We’re Hunters’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Erika Goldring/ Getty Images)

Country artist Tyler Farr is a man of many talents as he goes out for a day of deer hunting on his farm.

In an episode of Buck Commander, Tyler Farr doesn’t need to travel very far to hunt. In fact, he just has to walk out his front door. The 36-year-old artist is in pursuit of a massive buck he has seen walking around his 200-acre farm.

“I started with 34, we’re up to 200 acres, and I know y’all know what I’m talking about when you know, you have people that hunt around here, and God bless them. I love them, but redneck’s got to do what a redneck’s got to do, and that’s to shoot deer.”

Farr sets his sights on one prized nine-point buck that he hopes to kill during this deer season.

“So here at my farm, it’s early season. We’ve got a lot of good bucks on camera, specifically, an older nine-point, and he is number one. He has taken the pole position on the hit list. This is an older deer, dominant, mature, dominant buck, and he needs to be killed.”

However, just days before the hunt, Tyler Farr and his friends see absolutely nothing. The massive buck that was seen on camera is nowhere to be found. The men then catch a lucky break. A Christmas miracle, if you will.

“This joker just absolutely– he gone. He ghosted us. At the end of the day, we’re hunters. That’s exactly what we did. We just got in the woods, and we hunt. A few days before Christmas, guess who shows up, and you gotta love it, but the plan just comes together.”

Tyler Farr Lands Massive Deer

Tyler Farr shoots two deer during the 15-minute episode. After he gets his first deer, his reaction is priceless.

“We got him. We freaking got him. I’m a terrible hunter. I am the worst hunter in North America. I’m the worst hunter, aren’t I? That’s what we’re doing, just thinning the herd, folks, just thinning the herd.”

The second deer, however, is the elusive beast they have ever been after. Farr is speechless as he takes down the biggest deer of his hunting career.

“Dude, it is! That’s big eight. It’s that big eight! Absolutely he’s a shooter. Look at that freakin joker. This is the biggest buck I’ve shot on my farm, by far. I’ve had this farm for six years, and I’ve hunted it every year, bow and gun, and I’ve never shot a deer this big. This is the buck we were after this morning. We said we had him on camera, so when you actually get the deer, you’re actually after it makes it very freakin rewarding.”

Feel free to share some of that meat with the group. We are hungry just looking at it!