Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line Speaks Out After Band Cancels 2021 Tour

by Taylor Cunningham

Florida Georgia Line has canceled their 2021 tour. In an Instagram post today, singer Tyler Hubbard announced the sad news and told fans why they decided to nix their upcoming fall dates.

“We’ve been faced with one of the toughest decisions we’ve had to make in a while,” he began. “Due to the rising COVID cases and risk of putting our family, band and crew, friends, and fans in harm’s [sic] way we’ve decided it’s best to cancel the fall tour.”

He continued with, “This breaks our hearts as we were so excited to get back out and throw a party for the fans. We are so disappointed.”

Florida Georgia Line isn’t the first band to cancel their tour dates over COVID concerns. The New Orleans Jazz Fest, with front liners such as The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffet, canceled their October concert series. And Stevie Nicks announced that she’d no longer follow through with her remaining 2021 events.

Hubbard and his bandmates aren’t happy that they’re added to the growing list of closed tours.

“It’s been a long hard last year and a half for us,” he told his fans. “One thing I put my hope in is that even when it doesn’t make sense when times are tough, the Lord is in control and knows what He is doing,” he continued.

The Florida Georgia Line frontman ended by saying, “I look forward to seeing what he’s up to. I love you all. The support and encouragement have meant so much.”

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line Discusses His First Solo Album

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line released Sunshine State of Mind on June 30th. And in an interview with Fox News, he discussed how he felt about making his debut solo album.

“It was kind of my time to make something different and to step out and do something that’s a little scary,” he said while promoting the album.

Kelley told fans that they should expect to hear a different side of him when they listen to his new music because the project allowed him to express himself in a new way.

While writing his songs, he drew major inspiration from his wife, Brittney, his hometown, and his travels.

He admitted that the whole process was a bit intimidating for him. But he said that “at the end of the day, I’m just following my gut just like I always have.”

He explained that he needed to make the album because he was ready to “have full control” of his songs.

With both Hubbard and Kelley branching out with solo albums, some fans may be concerned about the future of Florida Georgia Line. But, there is no need to worry. The band has no intention of breaking up. In February, Hubbard took to Twitter and put our minds at ease.

“We’ve always been a package deal,” he said. “Just to clarify, FGL is not breaking up, so anyone who says that, from the mouth of Tyler and BK. We’re not breaking up. We’re just venturing out.”