Uncle Kracker Details Hilarious Story About Writing ‘Last Night Again’ for Kenny Chesney in 15 Minutes

by Charles Craighill

Since early November, Kenny Chesney has been hosting the Pirates and Poets sessions on his No Shoes Radio. In the segment, he allows some of his close friends and musicians to join the show to tell stories, recount memories, and play music. In a recent episode, Uncle Kracker joined the show and told a hilarious story about writing a song to record with Kenny Chesney

Uncle Kracker on Pirates and Poets

“Here I was in a studio in Nashville finishing up an album, when I get a call from Kenny” Uncle Kracker says on the radio show. He goes on to explain how Kenny Chesney called him up and asked to hop on a song with him for his new record. Obviously, the pop-country icon said yes so Kenny decided to head over. The only problem was that Uncle Kracker didn’t have a song for Kenny to record.

“So there I was, sitting in a studio in Nashville,” Uncle Kracker continues. “Kenny’s on his way up to the studio to cut a song with me and I didn’t have a song. So I wrote one in about fifteen minutes. Me and Mike Bradford actually wrote this one.”

Kenny Chesney’s Pirates and Poets Radio

Kenny Chesney has had his own Sirius XM Radio Station, No Shoes Radio, for quite a while now. Recently, he added a new installment that allows his friends to join in and DJ their own sessions. Some of his big features include Peyton and Eli Manning, Erin Andrews, and of course, Uncle Kracker.

“Music is the most common language of all,” Kenny explains. “When you want to know someone, ask them what they’re listening to. Beyond what they do, what they’re wearing, where they hang out or grew up, the music that connects with them tells you everything.”

That’s why he turns his radio show over to his friends to allow them to tell you who they are. Tune in on Sirus XM No Shoes Radio to listen to more hilarious stories with Kenny Chesney and his eclectic group of friends.