University of Tennessee Students Paint The Rock for Alan Jackson’s ‘Last Call’ Tour

by Chase Thomas

The University of Tennessee student body has spoken. Perhaps, though, not in the way you might think. Students at Tennessee painted The Rock on campus Friday afternoon for one purpose: to get the word out about Alan Jackson’s upcoming “Last Call” tour. Safe to say Vol Nation is pumped to have Jackson stop by one last time on June 25 at TBA.

Tennessee Students Highlight “Last Call” Tour with Alan Jackson on The Rock

Knoxville will actually be the second stop on the tour that kicks off the night before. On that Friday, Jackson will perform in Biloxi, Mississippi. Pre-sale tickets for the tour go on sale on March 15.

Alan Jackson’s New Music

At 63-years-old, Alan Jackson has been writing music for quite a long time. He loves it, though. He loves what he does and he loves the genre. Jackson told The Tennessean, “Man, I love real country music and those instruments and the melodies and what the songs are about.” He continued, “That’s what it’s always been for me, and I still love that.” He loves the real thing. Jackson is old school about it all, but that’s just the way he likes it.

His latest record in 2021 even had 15 songs in total that were written only by Jackson. That’s a big deal. He added, “I finally felt like writing some songs and recording ‘em.” He found the motivation and the itch to put together the whole album last year. It was something that just got him in the zone and he began writing the music. It was a feeling. He continued, “I don’t have to worry about coming up with something for radio. I can just do whatever I want to do. Songs that I feel like fans would like …” Alan Jackson wants to write music that come out about organically. It’s not about writing the next hit, it’s about writing music that speaks to him. If that becomes a hit, that’s great, but that’s not what it’s about for him.

Jackson concluded, “I’ve always had a mixture of types of songs. From heartbreak to drinkin’. Songs about my family and life. Fun songs, Friday night songs and everything in-between. That’s the way all my records have pretty much been.” It varies from song to song. He has written about a multitude of subjects, but he writes about what he knows and what inspires him. There is no exact science to it. Jackson writes about his family and his life. He writes about what knows continued to do so throughout his career.

The “Last Call” tour kicks off on June 24, and, as the Tennessee Rock says, Alan Jackson heads to Knoxville on June 25 at TBA followed by many other tour dates over the next several months.