This Video of Jason Aldean’s Kids Will Melt Your Heart

by Amy Myers

These two cuties filling up your newsfeed are three-year-old Memphis Aldean and two-year-old Navy Rome, Jason Aldean’s youngest kids. While out to dinner with mom and dad, the siblings decided to show their love for each other and plant dozens of kisses on each other’s cheeks. We don’t know many siblings that get along this well, so Jason and his wife, Brittany Kerr, must be doing something right.

In their doting mother’s video on Instagram, Memphis sits beside his little sister in a ball cap that is adorably too big for his head. With his arms wrapped around Navy, he kisses her cheek. Once Navy had her fill, she returned the favor, only pausing when her brother pointed out something on the TV.

“I hope your Sunday is filled with this much love,” Kerr wished her followers.

Watch the heart-melting exchange in the clip below.

This isn’t the only sweet exchange of Jason Aldean’s youngest two that the proud mama recently posted. Just a week ago, the brother and sister posed for a fashionable photoshoot, holding hands and sharing smooches. Memphis wore another backward-facing hat, as well as a shirt that read, “Camera Shy.”

Meanwhile, Navy wore a matching beige sweatsuit with a tied flannel as well as a white bow.

“Pretty sure they’re going to be a duo when they grow up,” Kerr predicted.

Jason Aldean Describes How His Two Youngest Kids Act at Home

Even though Jason Aldean’s two little ones are no doubt adorable, every kid has their moments. So, when the country star discussed the two newest members of the family with Country Thang Daily, he revealed a very different side than as seen in Brittany Kerr’s recent photos and clips.

“He’s going to throw stuff in the trash, and we’re looking for something it’s like, ‘Where did you put that?’ We go look, and it’s in the trash, and it’s not trash,” Aldean said. 

The father also admitted that sometimes, Memphis can fall victim to his temper. And when that happens, nothing can console him.

“If you tell Memphis no, he just falls apart,” Jason Aldean shared. “I love him to death, but he is a wild man, so it’s like, ‘No, you can’t play with that toy,’ and he’s like [screaming] just drops on the floor and loses his mind.”

Meanwhile, little Navy is quite the opposite. Almost always in a happy mood, Aldean alleged that his youngest daughter doesn’t cry – she pouts, but no tears follow.

“She doesn’t even know how to cry because she never does it,” the country star said.