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Video: Jon Pardi and Fiancé Summer Reveal Story of First Kiss

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images for CMA

On the “Bobby Bones Show” Jon Pardi and his fiancé Summer Duncan are revealing their funny first kiss story.

It all happened on the back of a tour bus. Something that immediately caused the rest of the people in production to let out a slight chuckle.

First Meet to First Kiss

In 2017, the two met when Pardi was performing a show in Denver, Colorado with Rhett Akins.

In the interview, Pardi explains that she wasn’t staying with him on the bus. Instead, she had gotten a hotel room with a friend to stay for a couple of nights for his performance and their first date.

“In case I was creepy or something,” Pardi joked.

Duncan then responded that she did that since it was a set-up. What she didn’t mention was that the two were actually set up by Pardi’s mother.

According to The Boot, Duncan was a hairstylist in Northern California. Pardi’s mom introduced the two before they met at the 2017 show. When the two got engaged he had to keep the plan a secret from his mom.

“Jon Pardi kept his proposal plan a secret from everyone for months, except for his management team. ‘We even kept it a secret from her mom … I didn’t want all her friends from back home showing up, and she’d be like, Why’s everybody here? It worked out great,’” according to Country Daily.

Pardi and Duncan Plan a Future

Pardi actually proposed at the same venue they first met at. They plan to get married in Montana overlooking Yellowstone National Park. This has been delayed due to COVID-19, however.

They went from first kiss to proposal all in the same Denver venue.

“It was the second night and we were parting ways and we didn’t know when we’d see each other again. Then he was like I gotta kiss her right now. Then he waved at me out the tour bus window and left me in a parking lot waiting for my Uber,” Duncan said.

Despite the awkward goodbye, the couple has been a power couple ever since.

She even appeared and danced with him on his music video for “Heartache Medication.”